A snail yearning for fame?Beckham overrated?British gossip online abuse

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The birth of an American Super Bowl football champion, let “xiao Bei” Beckham’s name embroiled in online abuse?The Los Angeles RAMS, owned by Arsenal’s Kroenke Group, won the Super Bowl in the US on Sunday, but kroenke celebrated the achievement by putting Arsenal in the title race. David Beckham was shot lying down after being named a Los Angeles RAMS football player.Pier Morgan, a widely acknowledged Arsenal fan, celebrated the Los Angeles RAMS ‘victory by praising RAMS player Odell Beckham Jr, writing: “So happy to finally see a Beckham who can play football.”Notice that Americans call Football, or American Football, Football, and Soccer.As well as praising Odell Beckham, Morgan also took a dig at Soccer heartthrob David Beckham.Gary Lineker, another English football star, took to social media to hit back at Morgan when he saw the unprovoked criticism.”You may not like him for whatever reason, but David Beckham is a very good football player, he is one of the best among us.Since then, the online war of abuse is ready to explode.The two exchanged verbal attacks on the Internet, with many netizens watching the show with popcorn in hand.Seeing Lineker’s response on social media, Morgan quickly responded to his stance on Beckham: “For whatever reason, you may want to flatter him, but David Beckham is one of the most overrated players of all time. He couldn’t even get a place on the bench in Arsenal’s unbeaten golden team in 2004.”Then lineker to Beckham’s ever won the honor of return “six premier league titles, two fa cup champion, a uefa champions league, the Spanish champions once, a French champions, golden ball, 115 times a second, for England as captain and in which 59 leading, one of the crosses of the best players in the history of football.Overrated, you say?All right!”Then Morgan’s response got a bit confusing, writing a bizarre response: “Apart from his ability to skim crosses and free balls, Beckham is just a snail with a bad haircut and a hunger for fame.He’s responding to so many accolades just because he has some really good players around him.”This reply, in addition to leaving Lineker stunned, a number of fans in a row for Beckham’s injustice.Lineker then sarcastically replied: “A cross and a free ball?That would be to judge Ronaldo without considering the goals he scores.Morgan then pushed ronaldo up to continue to “trample” Beckham, while also launching a attack on Lineker.”No, Ronaldo is one of the best players of all time. He does everything better than Beckham.Like you, you’d be lucky to be in leicester’s all-time team if you didn’t score the goals you’ve been waiting for in front of goal.It was a clear attack on lineker who would just wait in the box for an easy goal.Morgan then added that he was in a good position to comment on Lineker as he shared the same World Cup, European Cup, Champions League and Premier League titles.In fact, neither of them has won any of the titles mentioned above. The numbers are 0.Now that Morgan is attacking his own career, Lineker’s response is: “I agree. If it wasn’t for those simple goals in front of goal, I wouldn’t have scored 100 goals, I wouldn’t have won the Golden Boot, I’d be just as useless as you.”By now, Morgan was running out of words. He replied with just three symbols, two “laughing and crying” and one “fishing”.”I think Messi is overrated too!”It’s a bit childish for the two celebrities to start a war of words on the Internet to discuss Beckham’s strengths, especially Morgan, who has become a keyboard hero for any Arsenal fan who can’t see Beckham’s achievements.I wonder how Beckham felt when he read their comments?