Urge parents to “take baby according to law”!Jiangdu District Procuratorate issued the city’s first “Family Education Order”

2022-09-15 0 By

On January 1 this year, the Family Education Promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China was officially implemented, which is the first special legislation on family education in China, marking the opening of the era of “raising children according to law” in China.Recently, the District Procuratorate issued a family education order, ordering the parents of a minor victim involved in the case to accept family education guidance and fulfill the guardianship duties.It is reported that this is also the first “family education order” issued within yangzhou city limits.Earlier this year, the district people’s procuratorate arrest case acceptance review, found that minor victim Chen’s parents are busy working, failing to communicate with her daughter, not timely, comprehensive attention her daughter’s physiological and psychological condition, also does not have the necessary for her safety education and the rule of law education, lead to the ego to protect consciousness and ability is bad, and bad behavior.The family education order was issued after prosecutors said Chen’s parents, as guardians, failed to fulfill their guardianship duties in accordance with the law and ordered them to receive family education guidance.The District Procuratorate invited professional teachers to conduct family education guidance for Xiao Chen’s parents. They understood the family situation through one-to-one communication, put forward guidance opinions, and formulated a family education guidance plan for the following year.After receiving family education guidance, Xiao Chen’s parents said they have deeply realized the importance of family education and will strengthen communication with their daughter in the future and try to repair the parent-child relationship.”Family is the first classroom of life, parents are the first teachers of children, the growth of minors is inseparable from the family.”Prosecutors hope that the majority of parents, earnestly perform the guardianship duties, more communication with their children, so as to “take children in accordance with the law”.Source: Yangzhou Jiangdu District Rong Media Center author: Correspondent Hao Hongwei Rong media reporter Wang Cheng