There are six great military genius in Chinese history, but they all died of political incompetence

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Since ancient times, few military genius have succeeded in politics (Liu Xiu, Cao Cao, Li Shimin, and Zhu Yuanzhang are the few), which shows that it was a mistake to stray into politics in the first place.If you love a soldier, keep him out of politics.Hate a soldier, put him in politics.Bai Qi was a general of the state of Qin. After the battle of Changping, he fell into conflict with Fan Ju, the prime minister of the state of Qin. Fan Ju was an important official in the school of King Zhao of Qin.Later, in the battle of Handan, Bai Qi thought the aircraft was wrong and refused to lead troops to fight.After the defeat of Handan, he said, “At the beginning, the king of Qin did not listen to my plan.Later, Bai Qi left Xianyang and went to Duyou. King Zhao consulted with Fan Ju and other court officials. Bai Qi was demoted to exile from Xianyang.Then King Zhao sent an emissary to take the sword and ordered Bai Qi to kill himself.A generation will be lost.2, Li Mu Li Mu era, Zhao Wangqian below a favorite called Han Cang, jealousy can almost reach the pathological, but it happened to be trusted by Zhao Wangqian.Han Cang accused Li Mu of slanders, and Wang Qian appointed someone else to replace Li Mu.When Lord Wu ‘an Li Mu returned to the court, the king of Zhao ordered Han Cang to tell li Mu’s fault again: “Once upon a time, when the general defeated Li Mu and returned to the court, your Majesty gave you wine.When you were celebrating your majesty’s birthday, you held a dagger in your hand. Therefore, you should be put to death.”Li Mu explained: “My right arm is sick and can not stretch straight, tall but the arm is very short, can not touch the ground.It is not proper to worship your Majesty in this way, so I asked the craftsman to make a piece of wood and attach it to his hand for fear that he might commit death in front of your Majesty.If your majesty does not believe me, please allow me to show you.”So he took the wood out of the sleeve and showed it to Han Cang. It looked like a door axle and was wrapped with cloth.He said to Han Cang, “I hope you can go to the palace and explain this to your Majesty.”Han Cang said, “I have been ordered by your Majesty to grant you death.I dare not speak for you.”Li Mu, Lord Wu ‘an, had to bow down to the north twice. “Thank you for the favor of death,” he took out his sword and was ready to commit suicide. “A court official should not commit suicide in the palace.”He quickly walked out of the gate of thorns and raised the sword in his right hand to commit suicide, but his arm was bent and could not reach his neck. He threw the sword into the post and committed suicide.Meng Tian Meng Tian’s grandfather Meng Ao originally lived in the state of Qi. He came to The state of Qin during the reign of King Zhaoxiang of Qin. He appeared in the history books during the reign of King Zhuangxiang of Qin, constantly fighting for the state of Qin, and later became Shangqing.By the early years of qin Shi Huang became one of the most important generals in qin.Meng Tian’s father Meng Wu took part in the war against Chu as an au general for Wang Jian (meng Tian later overthrew wang’s grandfather).By the time of Meng Tian, He was already able to lead the main force of the Qin Army in the north to fight against the Huns, and even the eldest son of the First Emperor of Qin was sent to Meng Tian as the supervising army.Meng Yi was also an official of The Upper Qing dynasty, and had led the army. His family status was even higher than that of Meng Ao.However, it also caused conflicts and conflicts of interest with Hu Hai, Li Si and Zhao Gao, and finally led to the demise of the Meng family.Zhong Hui zhong Hui was a rare general during The Three Kingdoms period. Xiahou Ba defected from Shu Han and told Jiang Wei clearly that if Zhong Hui became a general, Shu Han would be in danger.Whether it is to assist Sima Division to calm the huainan rebellion, or put forward the strategy of attacking Shu and wu, the vision of the zhong will be far above everyone.Unfortunately, he was too cynical about the power of politics to kill more people than a million.Knowing that Sima Zhao had taken precautions, he had no choice but to return to Luoyang to plead guilty.After all, Sima Zhao had treated him well, and he could have helped Ping Wu achieve eternal success.Unfortunately, he died young, not in conquest, but in rebellion.Talking about the cause of Yue Fei’s death, it was often said that Gaozong wanted to kill Yue Fei, because he was afraid that he would welcome back the second emperor and be able to surrender his throne.I knew it was bullshit, and even if I did, I’d be under house arrest.And the place of the world has been stable, how can be rescued captive to take away?Was it not the case that Emperor Su of Tang welcomed Back Emperor Xuanzong when the chaos of An and Shi was put down?!Speaking of the real reason why Gaozong killed Yue Fei, yue Fei must die is actually very simple, which is the worry that has been in the heart of the Song Dynasty since the founding of the People’s Republic of China: the fear of military general rebellion.Just think yue’s army is so powerful, will then run amok under the world’s Jin Bing are beaten, almost invincible.If, of course, only if, Yue Fei in the unification of the north, after the recovery of his native land, under the bewitched by the troublemaker, ten thousand life out of the heart of a little not a minister.So where the sword is headed, king Gaozong will surrender the throne?What other options are there?Zhao Song Jiangshan suddenly became yue’s world, and it is impossible to happen?At that time, the Jin people were no longer the biggest enemy of song. Whoever was stronger than Jin was the biggest enemy.Unfortunately, Yue Fei, through his amazing victories, has been automatically upgraded to become the biggest potential threat to his imperial power in Zhao Gou’s eyes.So Emperor Gaozong had to take precautions.The word “Yue’s Army” is enough to show that this army is ultimately yue Fei’s personal armed forces, and the stronger its fighting capacity, the more serious the trouble for the court.After all, the Jin could secure half of the territory by making peace, and if the Yue army rebelled, the whole country would go to the Yue family.This from its campaign so popular, can also be deduced.Therefore, the real cause of Yue Fei’s death was that the general was too powerful.Unfortunately, Yue Fei was at a loss and ignorant about it all the time. In terms of political power, he was really a layman, not as good as Qin Hui.Only know that he is thinking about a strong strength, thinking about meritorious service, thinking about revenge, thinking about the effect of the Song room.However, the more he did so, the less he thanked him, the more he feared him, worried about him, and distrusted him.It makes sense to end up digging your own grave.Blue jade blue jade is the Ming Dynasty in the early years of the general, although in Chang Yuchun repeatedly made military achievements, but it is difficult to have the opportunity to take the lead.Later, as Chang Yuchun, Xu Da, Feng Sheng and other generals fade, blue jade several times deep in the Mongolian desert to pursue the North Yuan forces, especially the war of fishing son sea famous world, was zhu Yuanzhang as Wei Qing, Li Jing rebirth.However, it is this genius strategist, knowing zhu Yuanzhang’s suspicion of the hero will still do not know convergence, the result died under the butcher’s knife of Zhu Yuanzhang.If blue jade know how to retire, willing to become another Xu Da and Tang he, how can not protect the evening?LAN Yu’s life is extremely dramatic, his first half of life has been shrouded in the shadow of the famous star, there is not too much opportunity to show, history did not treat him badly, in his later life let him become the leading role, establish their own success, but in his most limelight when he pulled him down, is it god’s will?Of course not, the tragedy of LAN Yu is not caused by history, but the inevitable result of his character defects. But it is gratifying that he will eventually live up to the name of the great generals and prove himself with his outstanding military achievements. His immortal achievements will be recorded in history and remembered by posterity.From that point of view, he seems lucky.