Short video “like” scam, is an epitome of brush single fraud

2022-09-15 0 By

I have to say that short video has become a modern way of life. Many young people use short video to record their life and share their growth. However, when watching the video, they should be sober and not believe the content of the video.Wake up! It doesn’t exist!These routines kill people not to believe?Wait for the real case!A real case recently, when Xiao Zhao was checking Douyin at home, suddenly a stranger claimed that he could provide him with welfare. Then he added his wechat account and added him to the wechat group, where he announced that he could collect welfare by clicking Douyin, and guided him to download the Kaola Voice APP.Tang received and completed the task on the APP according to guidance, and received a commission of 25 yuan through the wechat payment code.Soon, the APP platform released a new task, citing amazon’s large order volume and lack of funds to purchase, with a high return of 50%, and the profits will be split 50/50.Driven by the interest of “high return”, Zhao transferred 2,000 yuan to the first bank card provided by the other party.Next, the other side to the need to do a joint sheet on the ground, asked tang mou transfer 1000 yuan, 2000 yuan.Since then, the other side to xiao Zhao under the wrong single grounds, need to fill a single 2000 yuan.It was only when Zhao tried to withdraw the money but found it was blocked that he realized he had been cheated and called 110 to report it to the police.Add WeChat legerdemain parsing 1, then into the group of led red envelope 2 trill thumb up attention to earn commission 3 download APP specific operation 4 through receiving yards receive commissions 5 continuous replacement card request transfer 6 to error requirements continue to transfer some common trill deception in its form pay to “buy” : “like” is not bought, buy who sell praise has a trap;Part-time likes: claiming to be paid for liking a video;Fan promotion: the use of users hope to increase the number of fans of the psychological fraud;Lucky draw cash: Internet red birthday, grab red envelopes, big money and other gimmicks to attract attention;Police remind 1 to avoid fluke psychology, refuse improper petty profits;2. Do not tell anyone the privacy information such as verification code and mobile phone number;3. Do not click unknown links at will;4 Do not scan unknown TWO-DIMENSIONAL code;5. Do not buy, sell or rent social accounts;6 do not add friends outside the site at will;If you know you have been cheated, please call 110 or 96110 immediately.Police patrol law enforcement