Romantic Lantern Festival!Xinxian held a collective certification ceremony

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Thousands of lanterns to send beautiful, haoyue world a total night.The Lantern Festival, also known as Shangyuan Festival, small first month, Yuan Evening or Lantern Festival, is also the ancient “Valentine’s Day”, poem “on the willow tip head, people about dusk”.Because of the traditional customs of eating yuanxiao and tangyuan, it also means sweet and round.To carry forward the fine tradition of the Chinese nation during the Lantern Festival, guide the new set up correct concept of marriage and family, build healthy and civilized marriage values, spreading happiness culture, promote the harmonious family, February 14, shen county civil affairs bureau in well under the premise of the epidemic prevention and control, for five couples “romantic Lantern Festival” collective located, declaration of marriage in the solemn sacred ceremony,Enhanced the sense of ritual of marriage registration.County civil affairs bureau is responsible for the comrades to attend the collective located you presented flowers, issue the marriage certificate, send sincere blessings and for them to encourage each couple in solemn sacred located in comprehension of marriage and family responsibilities and of bear, called on their inheritance good Dan tutoring, cultivate civilization up the marriage customs of fashion.Representatives of the couple read out their wedding vows, saying that they would actively “speak” for the new trend of civilization in the new era, and be the practitioner of the reform of marriage customs, the promoter of traditional virtues and the inheritor of fine family traditions.Xinxian Civil Affairs Bureau marriage registration staff in line with the purpose of “administration in accordance with law, warm service”, for every couple to come to the registration of roses, to send warm, thoughtful and warm service, and open the marriage registration hall, to witness the happy moment of the couple “clock”.Shen county government source of new media product | county civil affairs bureau to edit | | bengals audit hering