Jiuquan public security: start “assembly” of the heavy fist attack

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Open years, jiuquan city public security organs in-depth implementation of the national and the provincial public security department, director of the conference spirit, according to the city’s public security bureau chief meeting arrangement, carry out “small case investigation”, fraud management, “a drug ring smoke oil” hit the special operation, such as in “and turned to grasp the implementation of the” fine style of work, comprehensive start blowing the “assembly”, hit the work with the countless success,This is a good start for the work of the whole year.The ‘state:Solve 1 gang FanDuAn on February 11, against state branch of jiuquan city public security bureau in the city bureau anti-drug engines under the guidance and help of the team, in the city, under the support of two levels of related departments and to strengthen information, dig the crime clues, ex-wife to give up the Spring Festival holidays, overtime, overcome difficult, lasted more than half a month of continuous fighting, successfully solve gang drug trafficking case 1,3 criminal suspects were arrested, 1 drug addict was investigated and 2 grams of heroin were seized, which added to the achievements of the city’s public security organs’ “2022 Spring Offensive” anti-drug special action!In the early morning of February 11, huangzhawan police station of Yumen City Public Security Bureau received a report from people under its jurisdiction that someone was gambling in a resident’s home.After obtaining clues, the police heard the order and move, decisive attack, success in ding’s home will be using cards to “fried golden flower” gambling ding, Zhao and other 7 people captured, a total of more than 2000 yuan was seized gambling.After interrogation, 7 people confessed to their illegal facts, the case is being further investigated.The Public security bureau of Guazhou county in Fujian province recently cracked down a major online gang selling fake cigarettes, destroying one shop and arresting 3 suspects.More than 50 mobile phones, 3 laptop computers, 6 wifi amplifiers, 4 single face singles, more than 50,000 sheets of face singles printing paper, more than 100,000 yuan of stolen money involved, and more than 800 fake cigarettes were seized, with a value of about 10 million yuan involved.At present, the case digging and investigation work is under way.Recently, the Public security bureau of Subei County received a report from herdsmen that they were posing as leaders of fraud by others, the loss of 50,000 yuan.After receiving the report, the competent police force was quickly organized to carry out analysis, research and judgment. Meanwhile, the police force was dispatched to assist in cracking down and investigating electric fraud cases.On January 19, with the technical support of relevant departments at the city and county levels, two suspects were arrested in a city of Hainan province, and two mobile phones and 15 bank cards were seized.At present, deep digging and line expansion are in full swing.On February 2 at 16 o ‘clock, Aksai County public Security Bureau received a company project manager Pan report said: “the project department stored in the dam figure dun when the high-speed four standard project department pound room more than 2 tons of steel was stolen, the value of more than 8000 yuan, request to investigate.”After receiving the alarm, aksai County public Security Bureau attaches great importance to the rapid dispatch of police investigation, through the scene investigation, visit to understand, after 10 hours of successful criminal suspects Hu, Sha xx two people arrested, and timely recovery of the stolen steel bar, to restore the loss of the masses.After interrogation, the suspect confessed to the fact that the theft was illegal.At present, the case is under further investigation.Producer | | Duan Xiaoping final audit | pittenger mf, chung edit | | wan d. source city bureau melting media center | jiuquan city public security bureau media center