Japan 2021 cartoon sales ranking: Ghost off falling altar, is now back to the war era mantra

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The Oricon Public Trust list, which is the sales list of music and other published products compiled and published by Japan Oricon Company, has released the top 10 Japanese manga releases in 2021. Presumably, many anime fans are wondering which popular works will dominate the list this year. Let’s take a look at the first one:Jinshu Back to battle sales volume: 30,917,746 in the mainland is also a work of fire circle, the strongest name of Nine Wu even do not watch the Japanese diffuse friends will know.This shows how hot mantra is, in this year directly from the fifth to the top of the throne, sales more than 30 million mark.The theatrical version was also a huge hit around the world.This is the year of the return of the spell, and even the momentum of the Ghostslaying blade has been stopped by the spell.Edging out # 2 Ghoul in sales: Ghoul Blade Sales: 29,511,021 This is nothing to say, one of the most popular anime in recent years.In Japan, it can be said that the national animation, there is a good word: Tokyo Olympic Games false GDP light, ghost annihilation blade real GDP light.With an economic effect of over 200 billion yen, the Tokyo Olympics were too fake.After the end of the first season of the animation, it is firmly in the second place, only a few sales away from the first spell.No. 3 Tokyo Swastika Avenger Sales: 24,981,486 in China is not popular, but in Japan, TV series, animation, movies, stage plays have been broadcast.Under these four carriage, the association will comic sales from last year did not enter the list climbed to the third, sales more than 20 million mark.This shows how popular east Swastika is in Japan no. 4 – Giant hit sales: 7,332,398 giant I don’t need to say more.The airing of the final season of the anime pushed manga sales up from 10th place last year to fourth place.Further down the pecking order: 4. Hit giants 7,332, 3,985.731 Academy 7,020,3616.One Piece 7,002,5837. Chainsaw Man 5,212,5788.SPY×FAMILYMost of the top 10 are familiar, but it’s surprising that The Pirates dropped out of the top 5, though it’s steady at no. 6.It is the evergreen tree of Jump.Chainsaw man and Spy House are also in the top 10.If this trend continues, GWANya will also be contracted for Gwanya in 2022.It is estimated that other works in the theater version of Jinshu will not come out in 2022.