Travel abroad because private passport is dealt with and change hair to restore?Fake!

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China News on February 12According to the official wechat account of the National Immigration Administration, recently, some people inquired to the National Immigration Administration for verification, “It is circulating online that Beijing and other places have resumed overseas travel for private passport processing and replacement, is it true?Can I change my passport if I go abroad for family visit or tourism?”National Immigration Administration here solemnly remind, relevant online information is not real news!File photo: Sample passport.At present, the COVID-19 situation abroad is still grim, and there are major security risks for cross-border travel.The National Immigration Administration advocates non-urgent and non-essential exit.However, for those who really need to go abroad for study, employment or business, after verification, the immigration authorities will normally issue passports and other exit and entry documents.National Immigration Administration will immediately announce any changes to the immigration policy.Please do not believe or spread rumors. If you need information on immigration and exit policies, please refer to the official website of the National Immigration Administration or new government media, or call 12367 service hotline of the National Immigration Administration for consultation.