The tao and skill of innovation and entrepreneurship

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Innovation, more from a kind of ideology, the essence of innovation is not to invent new things, but to combine the existing factors.It is not difficult to combine these factors. What is difficult is how to make a meaningful cause that can drive the progress of the enterprise and the society, and continue to develop this cause.S article/Mr Yu, chairman of new Oriental education group innovation essence a lot of people think innovation, entrepreneurship is a young man, think that older people won’t be a startup, or innovation, and even did a lot of people with what kind of electronic product innovation ability together, so, when they saw some people don’t use smart phones,There is a sense that these people are “old fuddy-duddy”.I want to give you an example of this.There is a very famous entrepreneur, some may not know his name, but certainly know his business, that is Beijing Hualian (SKP) Department store Co., LTD.In Beijing, a SKP store is less than 200,000 square meters and generates nearly rmb15bn in annual revenue.It works with the best brands in the world, and all its management is innovative, modern and intelligent.The entrepreneur is Ji Xiaonan, and he doesn’t even use a mobile phone, but that doesn’t stop him from innovating in his business.A person’s innovation is not to invent a technology, nor to do a fun thing, but to carry out a layout.For the future, a comprehensive understanding of the combination of body, surface, line and point is more important than anything else.Don’t just talk about innovation, but to put it into action, put it into the design of their future career and life path.Companies cannot innovate for innovation’s sake.Some entrepreneurs always feel did something very bad things, or to see big data begin to do big data business, see cloud computing cloud computing began to do business, see artificial intelligence have been doing business of artificial intelligence, but there is no business model behind, or no for the future development of rigorous and independent thinking.I think when you start a business, it’s not about following the crowd, it’s about figuring out what you want to do.The essence of innovation is to determine the core of the problem and use new methods to solve it. The first thing to solve in entrepreneurship is the existing problems.Entrepreneurship should be committed to solving problems that can’t be solved for a long time. Even if our entry and attempts ultimately cannot be solved, at least we can push the solution of the problem forward.The so-called new approach is to connect the two or more otherwise disparate areas and come up with new solutions, either disruptive or incremental.In addition, consumer demand can also be induced. For example, before the emergence of smart phones, no one found their demand for smart phones, and the innovation that can discover the potential demand of consumers is also a great innovation.Another case where innovation is possible is when the entrepreneur doesn’t know if a need is there, but his approach speaks to human nature.The humanity of each country and nation is different, so we can solve it in different ways according to different national styles and demands, which is also an opportunity and way for us to create a new business model.Professor Xu Xiaonian once said: “Entrepreneurs need innovation, not invention;Creative combinations are needed, rather than creating from scratch.We need to be clear that innovation does not mean new, it does not mean new, it can even be old.The point of innovation is to be creative, not new.”I think this sentence is very interesting, because when we talk about innovation, the first thing we think of is “making something out of nothing”, or that it is not innovation if it does not involve the current high technology.For example, when we are doing business and analyzing the characteristics of business model, it seems that artificial intelligence, block chain, AR(augmented reality) and VR(virtual reality) are not mentioned, which will be extremely backward.But I think innovation comes more from a mindset that is not about inventing something new, but about combining things that already exist.It is not difficult to combine these factors. What is difficult is to combine these factors and make a meaningful cause that promotes the progress of the enterprise and the society, and to develop this cause continuously. I think this is the key point.Joseph Schumpeter, the father of innovation economics, believed that what entrepreneurs should do is to recombine existing elements to create new products, technologies and services;Innovation is not about winning a Nobel Prize, but about creatively combining existing elements.Everyone has their own elements, you have elements and MINE is not the same, your knowledge structure is not the same as me.It doesn’t work to combine what you don’t have, because you don’t control those elements, so you have to combine what you do have to achieve true success.In terms of entrepreneurial model, many people will choose business innovation, but if they fail in the model, it will not help.Sometimes there is a need, but there is no pattern, so we have to look for the pattern first.However, if the business model requires high customer acquisition costs, employee wages, and other operating costs, it is like spending two yuan to make a dollar.Investors can support a company for a while — a year, two years, three years — but they can’t support it forever, because no one will support a business that is losing money forever.All commerce has but two words, revenue and profit — revenue without profit is not business;Profit without revenue is something that has never happened before.The relationship between innovation and tradition is undergoing a process of subversion, reflection and integration in many fields.For example, many bookstores do not make money, but the number of bookstores is still growing. This is because consumers often visit bookstores not only to buy books, but also to feel the cultural atmosphere of bookstores.Therefore, the bookstore must become a place with cultural atmosphere.Bookstores will never survive if they continue to display and sell books as before and nothing else.But when a bookstore creates an environment of culture, leisure and communication, it is easy to continue. Eslite, Niaoyama, for example.Entrepreneurs just need to remember to do things right by maximizing their resources, whatever they can, and finding the right way to combine them into a sustainable business model.Three elements Innovation requires three elements.The first factor is strong association.Lenovo once had an advertising slogan: the world without association, what will happen to human beings?That’s true.The greatest ability of people as entrepreneurs is to be good at combining various elements, such as combining grass with the sky, mountains with the sea, which is the most powerful ability of entrepreneurs.Entrepreneurs can never be single. When they see grass, they think it is powerful. It must be because of the background of the blue sky and the sea.The second element is self-expression.What is self-expression?For example: I want my life to be more than mediocre;I hope that by combining the elements of my life, I can create a career that affects both myself and the world.It’s all about self-expression.Self-expression means that you have to constantly improve yourself, because you may be confused for a long time before you have an Epiphany. Self-expression also means that you are willing to let go of your silent component at any time, and are willing to pursue the future with new abilities and new levels, rather than living in the past or clinging to the past.The third element is focus.I think it is also true that innovative results are most likely to be achieved in the most familiar areas.Many entrepreneurs like to innovate in a field they do not understand and are not familiar with, and the final result may be to catch up with the fashion and lose the opportunity to change and innovate in their most familiar field.What does Tao and Shu call a real big entrepreneur?I have a conclusion: under the complicated surface, can find the truth of the problem, and provide solutions, rather than being led by the nose of profit or morality.You can’t be a real entrepreneur if you find there is a profit to be made and then you rush there.Because such entrepreneurs have no fixed mind and no fixed method.If people are morally condemned for the good they could have done, the good becomes bad.However, it is very important for entrepreneurs to balance morality and interests to ensure the continuity of entrepreneurship and business, to promote social progress and to help people solve difficulties.This requires entrepreneurs to constantly ask and reflect on the society and their own conscience.Back to the art of entrepreneurship.In my opinion, business depends on Tao, but Tao cannot help business succeed. It is the same as a moralist who only talks about morality every day. It is impossible to change the society.In my opinion, in entrepreneurship and innovation, tao is the direction and the goal, while technique is the method and approach.Once you have the direction, you know what kind of technique to choose.I personally adhere to three principles in the level of “art” : first, be near and be far.This is the principle of business, that is, the first customer can be found good service, good service for one customer, can come two, two good service, can come four… But if the enterprise has not good service for the immediate customer, just want to serve distant customers, it is impossible to succeed.Second, start with the end.What is the purpose of starting a business?What kind of person do entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs want to become by doing this business?Write these goals down in a notebook. Take a look at them every day. Reflect on what you are doing and adjust accordingly.Third, do urgent things slowly.When you make a hasty decision, or when you have a full business opportunity, think about the path, think about how to do it before you do it.Once done, move quickly.If you don’t want to be clear before you do it, you may end up beating a dog with a stuffed bun.The other question that entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs need to think about is: What should be overturned?What should I stick to?What should be done in innovative ways?What can be the basis for innovation right now?Art without tao is bound to fail eventually, because light knows art without direction is bound to go wrong eventually.However, dao without art, the cause will be mediocre.Therefore, both to dao and skill, to be able to do better.