Songjiang here “partial snow”, the children really happy!

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“Snow?Go and make a snowman!”At the beginning of the new semester, students rush to the artificial snow field in the southeast corner of Shanghai International Studies University Songjiang Foreign Language School as soon as the bell rings.Surprisingly, this “ice and snow world” is the result of imagination of three students.February 18 morning, Komatsu campus to see snow, snow, wrapped in silver “coat” landscape trees, plus the forest scenery, and let the children linger in the park, really a bit of “local snow” taste.”Snow layout is arranged according to the foreground, middle and distant, and the design with a sense of layers is closer to reality.”Xu Jun, deputy director of the school’s political and education office, said that the inspiration for the site’s “Internet celebrities” came from a questions-driven learning project proposed at the end of last year. The main participants were Lin Chihao, Shen Chenxuan and Zhao Ziyi from Class 8.Snow is inevitable in the world of ice and snow.In order to make snow, the project learning team has put forward three schemes: snow making machine, acrylic glass and water absorption resin.”The first thing that came to mind was a snow machine, but considering the cost and power consumption, and the fact that temperatures in Songjiang rarely drop below zero, the option was ruled out.”Acrylic glass was also rejected as an alternative, Lin recalled. “I was supposed to make ice sculptures with acrylic glass, but the refractive index of acrylic glass was far from that of real ice.”Eventually, the team decided to use absorbent resin to make snow.”The resin expands in response to water and becomes fluffier and more similar to snow.”Shen Chen Xuan explains further.During the winter vacation, team members found that there are many kinds of water absorption resin on the market. After repeated tests by purchasing samples, they finally chose the non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly sodium acrylate polymer, and prepared sodium acrylate polymer and water in a ratio of 1∶8.”I tried a variety of ratios ranging from 1:25 to 1:8. After several tests, the granularity of the 1:8 snowflake was very similar to the real snow, while the 1:25 snowflake was stickier and less effective than the Q bomb.”Shen chenxuan said.After the snowmaking plan was finalized, the team members improved the overall design under the guidance of teachers.Approaching the beginning of school, several “ice and snow world builders” returned to school ahead of schedule.”It was hard work, but the result was perfect.”Members recalled that they had to carry water up and down stairs more than 10 times just to make snow. In addition, in the cold weather, they needed to stir in the water constantly to make snow, and their hands were frozen into “carrots”.”Making ice and snow scenery involves not only multidisciplinary knowledge of physics, chemistry, art and geography, but also cost and operability.”In Xu Jun’s opinion, the birth of “ice and snow World” is the result of students combining book knowledge with social practice.The team members are well aware of this.”There are some problems that we didn’t think of at the design stage, such as the monsoon climate in Shanghai, which is dominated by northwest winds in winter.”Zhao Ziyi recalled that during the few days of the field set, they noticed that the ice and snow forest interlining chosen for the vision could not withstand the wind, so they adjusted the orientation according to the wind direction and placed heavy weights on the front and bottom of the interlining.”Programs with a few people grow into multiple learning subprograms.”Xu Jun admitted that the original intention of putting forward this project-based learning was to create an atmosphere of refuelling for the Winter Olympics, so elements such as “ice dun Dun” and “snow Rong Rong” were used in the middle scene layout.In addition to the three main creators, students in the whole school also participated in making snowflake handcrafts. Now most snowflakes hanging on trees in the snow landscape are made by students, and some snowflakes “float” on the school display wall.Under the students’ creative ideas, cotton swabs, color rope, hot melt glue have become the raw materials for making snowflakes.The next day, the beautiful moments that teachers and students froze in the “ice and snow World” were made into a photo wall. The sentence “Take down your photos and take them away” guided children to take home the “ice and snow adventure” in the form of photos, sharing love and beauty from the campus to their families.Text and pictures: Wang Mei Editor: Li Xiang, Lu Jia, GUI Kexin