“QQ Sonic” is back on Steam, and “Master of Rhythm” is next?

2022-09-14 0 By

“R2Beat Sonic Awakening”, a casual online game developed by VALOFE, launched an early access campaign on Steam yesterday.Maybe you are unfamiliar with this name, don’t know what it is.But said it another name “QQ sound speed”, we should be familiar with.For now, however, the game is by appointment only, and characters can only be created in advance, and there is no actual entry into the game.Because of this reason, the game is currently getting mixed reviews.From the official release of part of the picture we can see that the game’s general gameplay with the previous “QQ Sound” basically the same.If you’ve only played QQ Sound before, you’ll have no problem getting started.From 2006, when Tencent acquired the agency of QQ Sound, to 2019, when it officially announced to stop operation, QQ Sound has become the enlightenment of many players in the period of 13 years.Calm down, the objective view of “QQ sound” this game, you will find that it can go through thirteen years is not easy.With the current view, “QQ Sound” is definitely not popular among Tencent’s many games.But this game is very important to Tencent, chronologically speaking, it is the second game that Tencent agent, and the first casual game that Tencent agent.Later, Tencent did find success in the domestic market with casual competitive games.Especially Tencent in the “QQ sound” on the operation of the attempt, the subsequent development and operation of many games have provided experience.Like “dance group”, “QQ Sound speed” was a trendy online game at the time.With the unique “music beat + roller skating” gameplay is widely praised, was also evaluated as “2007 top ten most popular casual online games”.Even Ma Huateng was a loyal fan of QQ Sound and showed off his operation at the countdown meeting.Another attraction of QQ Sound is its music. Players can access many popular songs in the game.After all, QQ Sonic has supported a number of original musicians and created a series of widely circulated original music, so that many players have fallen in love with a particular song or singer in the game.However, many people play QQ Sonic for the purpose of lighting up the icon. Don’t tell me you haven’t done that.Of course, “QQ Sound” also exposed a lot of problems and drawbacks in the subsequent iterations, which made the game’s vitality decline sharply.Now, “QQ sound” has been resurrected, do not know everyone’s youth is not in, and “rhythm master” can also be arranged.Like our article, welcome to a wave of comments, looking forward to our next meeting ~ interesting young people, are concerned about “dimensional youth Club (HI_CYQN)”