“National demon” suspected to be out!The emperor and the queen?TVB’s “top rated show” from last year is getting a sequel!

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By Chen Zhan peng, Lin Xia eu, Ben wong, ying ying feng TVB series starring “the fate of past life to become the highest ratings in 2021, the total supervision hau liu revealed as early as last year to celebrate the successful conclusion of the sequel will be filmed, he announced on twitter are put before:” the fate of 2 ‘creation is passion, and to determine the original d in October, support the bai.”And @ a show of actors, including Chen Zhanpeng, Lin Xiawei, Huang Zhixian, Jiang Zuman, Zhang Faction kang and Liu Peiyue, but no @ Feng Yingying.Sir Sen (Chen Zhanpeng) with Wing (Lin Xiawei) dating for many years, is going to get married, but because Ana (Feng Yingying) intervention, Sir Sen drunk disorderly on the wrong bed, with Ana, make Sir Break up with Wing.Although in the finale Sen Sir Gave his life from Marco (Zhang Faction kang ornaments) decorate the room to rescue Wing, but Wing did not forget Sen Sir Had bed with Ana, even love each other, still choose to break up, and Ana flew to north Macedonia alone, three people finally go their own way.For the sequel, netizens reaction is very warm, have left comments, there are fans refer to Sen Sir With Ana dereliction play into the whole drama failure, hope the sequel can avoid this plot, and home brother also reply: the crew will try to do a good job.Home elder brother also took the lead in revealing the sequel content: “character coherence, case new creation.”And a drama fans are most concerned about Sen Sir With Wing compound, home elder brother will reply: 90%.In fact, in the finale, Wing put on the ring given by Sir Sen, seeming to linger on old love and suggesting the possibility of recombination.Although will be the original cast shooting, but the leading actress Lin Xiawei is now as the rear class cast, plus Chen Zhanpeng as the emperor, the topic is absolutely better!And was the audience feng Yingying national goblins, because Liu Jiahao did not mention, so netizens guess she missed the sequel.And in the play as kill tiger husband and wife Zhang Resorted to kang with Liu Peiyue, although until the middle of the formal debut, but as a villain they not only do not hate, limelight more completely over the same play other actors, audience popularity they are more praised as the most popular villain CP!Unfortunately Marco (Zhang 颕 Kang ornaments) with You (Liu Peiyue ornaments) finally died, so many fans feel sorry, this time two people return to take a sequel, what will be the unknown story?