“Migrant workers” no longer used?Farmer: ma3 jia3 just, these 3 respects just important!Do you agree with?

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Want to know the policy on agriculture, rural areas and farmers, interpret the new regulations on agriculture, rural areas and farmers, obtain the latest price information, listen to the rural stories, the first time to know the latest welfare of farmers?Move quickly start to click on the top of the concern!Editor’s note: In the past, many people considered the term “migrant workers” to be ambiguous because of their lack of knowledge and income from manual labor.Some time ago, deputies to the National People’s Congress put forward a proposal to replace the ambiguous term migrant workers in media or public announcements.The relevant departments also discussed this for a long time and replied, “Migrant workers themselves are neutral words. We cannot force the media to change the word migrant workers, but will guide the media to replace it with builders or the new generation of migrant workers.”This event aroused a lot of discussion.So, do you think migrant workers are a word of discrimination?After hearing this, the farmer immediately said three points of refutation, but did not expect to attract a round of applause, how is this going on?Let’s talk about it today.Migrant workers have become a term of discrimination. In fact, migrant workers are rural residents who provide labor for employers.To put it simply, farmers come to the city to work, collectively known as migrant workers.Due to the reasons of The Times, many migrant workers in the early stage of cultural heritage is not high, to work in the city can only be engaged in manual work, the salary is relatively small.Admittedly, the term migrant workers can be confusing.But more people say that today’s migrant workers are no less educated than their urban counterparts and even earn more than their urban counterparts.So ambiguity is just self-perception.The new title is just a new title for peasant workers, but the Internet users are divided into two sets.One school thinks that the word “city builder” feels superior to the word “migrant worker” before.And it’s more realistic.Others say that whether the new generation of migrant workers or builders, the new name is just a waistcoat.The majority is still migrant workers.Instead of focusing on whether to call migrant workers or not, it is better to focus on these three aspects so that migrant workers can feel respected and feel more secure and comfortable working in cities.These are the three most important areas the first is the education of children.As a large number of farmers work in cities, their children and parents are called “left-behind elderly” and “left-behind children”.Some migrant workers bring their children to school in cities, but because there is no school district housing, or buy a house without a school district, they seek people everywhere.The second aspect is financial security.So far, there are still some hard-core workers who refuse to pay migrant workers.Fortunately, there are new rules on migrant workers’ wages.The rules require companies to set up separate accounts and pay cards for migrant workers and deposit deposits in advance.Monitored by multiple departments, the deposit will be activated as soon as there is any non-payment of wages.At the same time to the enterprise issued wages to pay notice, and punishment notice.The third aspect is the labor security of migrant workers.For example, signing labor contracts and paying social security benefits to farmers.The editor believes that in order to give fairness and respect to migrant workers, it is far from enough to change the title. Instead of thinking hard about how to change the name, it is better to discuss how to protect the rights and interests of migrant workers and how to open up rights protection channels, which is what the majority of migrant workers really want.Thank you for reading the commune article. If you have any other ideas, please feel free to discuss them with us at the bottom of the article.Green mountains do not change, green water flow, we lake goodbye.