Lanyado’s Weekly horoscope is from February 16 to February 22

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Jessica Rangado is an American astrologer, media astrologer, and psychic with more than 20 years of experience, writing television and print programs and columns.Fortune style serves as a psychological guide.Please indicate star Translation and translator.At 8:56 a.m. Pacific time on The 16th, there will be a full moon in Leo.There may be emotional agitation, knee-jerk reactions or defensive reactions.With this full moon, it’s important not to expect anything from others if you’re not giving.Instead of obsessing over what you think other people should or shouldn’t be doing, or secretly guessing what they think or feel, focus on your own work.Align your intentions, drives, and actions so that you can be consistent.Happily, on the 17th, we welcome the relaxed mitian sivanes, inspiring our spirit of adventure and the pursuit of joy and freedom.Finally, on The 22nd, the United States will see the first precise return of Pluto.This is an unprecedented event.No matter how much power you have, there are things you can’t control, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t do them.You may try your best but fear will get the better of you this week.Instead of trying to suppress the so-called “bad things,” try to deal with what’s happening right now as best you can.Developing an honest attitude about yourself and about life, along with a dose of humility, will pay dividends in the long run this week, Aries.You may be tempted to get angry or shut down when you encounter obstacles, but neither approach will work this week.These are the things in your life that you need to care about and focus on.Slow down and put your feet on the ground so you can decide not only what to do but, most importantly, why you feel so strongly about what’s happening right now.Happiness comes from living according to your values, not from approval from people you don’t care about.As the saying goes, action is the antidote to anxiety.Don’t allow yourself to indulge in assumptions about bad situations when you’re doing nothing.Once you know what needs to be done, do it and motivate yourself to get it done.Of course, things can go wrong, and there are many unknowns.Don’t let that stop you from making the changes you want to see in your life.As usual, the full moon will set next door in Leo, your ruler, and you will be feeling the glow of this full moon.This week it is important not to be led by others when they act impulsively or take defensive actions.Remember who you are, children of the moon, and act from the heart and not from strong emotions.Think about the conditions and circumstances in which you feel safe and secure, and try to create them — even if it’s hard — dear.The full moon in Leo on July 16 is an important moment for you.Think about the way you relate to others.How you present yourself in relationships, how you show your true self, and how you listen or don’t listen to others will make a difference this week.You may need to reconcile differences in intent and influence, or you may need to accept differences that exist in others.Don’t let yourself be distracted by minor disagreements.When you know it’s done, move on.If you get too caught up in trying to resolve something or find yourself in a difficult mood this week it will be hard to come up with practical solutions.Understand a problem carefully before embarking on a solution, Virgo.It may come in the form of a question, but it’s actually your teacher, making you learn from it.If you are humble enough not to make value judgments about such lessons, you will gain great peace and figure out what works best.If you’re stressed or find yourself filling your head with depressing thoughts, especially about things you can’t change, then introspection, not analysis, is what you need.Don’t get so caught up in the details that you can’t keep up with the way life works.Knowing the big picture helps you better deal with your feelings and situations.The search is not for answers, but for the truth.There, you can cultivate the people and things that are important to you, Libra.You can never make any important decision with all the information you need.While this may be frustrating or a missed opportunity, it is what it is.Stay present and grounded so you can be in a more eclectic state.Both people and circumstances are revealing things to you, but you may be so busy looking for the “answer” that you miss what’s being shown you.Scorpio, the most important thing this week is to focus on your mood and state of mind.Although you are intuitive, it is difficult to be guided accurately when you are in a state of worry and fear.Try to keep your feet on the ground so you don’t come off as defensive or emotional.Although adventure is your passion, it is not wise to jump into something new this week without considering it carefully.What you choose to do/not do now will have long-lasting consequences, so prioritizing the big picture is far more important than being immune to the discomfort of the moment.Not all setbacks are bad.In fact, if you always get what you want, you can end up being very unhappy.While your actions may seem simple and straightforward on the outside, on the inside you may be going through a lot of conflicting thoughts and trade-offs.If your goals aren’t well defined, don’t be in a hurry to achieve them.Take some time this week to brush up on your most important values.With the full moon in your relationship house this week, you are likely to see problems from the past resurface and bring up uncomfortable emotions.Aquarius, respecting and knowing your boundaries is important to you.This is not a time to break your own rules and ignore the needs of others.Try to love yourself and others in a way that feels loved.This means listening to what the other person is saying and usually continuing the conversation.You’re changing, and sometimes it feels great, and other times, you might be a little overwhelmed.Be tolerant of the time it takes for others to respond to your newly defined boundaries.You may have taken the time in your own space to figure out exactly what you need, and now others may need it too.Don’t confuse the discomfort and embarrassment of fulfilling your own needs with the pain of being disrespected.Be patient with growing pains this week.