How to design the enterprise qualification system

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Qualification refers to the sum total of knowledge, experience, skills and qualities required for a certain level of a certain position.The qualification management system is composed of three systems, namely, the qualification standard system, the qualification evaluation and application system.Among them :(1) the qualification standard system refers to the standard of knowledge, experience, skills and quality that each category should assume in the future, based on the analysis of the company’s future development strategy, by systematically classifying and stratifying the job nature of the position.(2) The qualification evaluation system is the evaluation method, evaluation point and corresponding system to effectively evaluate the knowledge experience, skills and quality status corresponding to each person and his/her job category and rank.(3) qualification application system is refers to the qualification standard and evaluation result application and recruitment, compensation, training, post setting, performance management, selection, and other fields, its purpose is to guide the company to recruit the right people, motivate, and help employees can quickly improve their skills, and rewards them based on the skills of employees and determine the position of the floorboard of the management system.The real purpose of the qualification management system is to systematically build and develop the ability of employees, which will eventually be reflected in the company’s core competitiveness.In essence, the operation of an enterprise is to manage customers and employees. Only by managing its employees well can it manage its customers well, and the operation of customers is finally realized through employees.The purpose of the qualification system is to develop and manage the competence of employees.How does the qualification management system build and develop the ability of employees?Hr experts — The consulting team of Hua Heng Zhi Xin suggests that you pay attention to the following aspects in the process of establishing the qualification system.First, pay attention to the relationship between competency model and qualification management.Many people believe that the iceberg model can be divided into two parts. The part of the iceberg above the water is called qualification management, and the part below the water is called competency.This view is wrong.Domestic research on the management of qualifications is still in its infancy, there are few reference books in this area, it is difficult to form a unified model.Based on profound theoretical research and practical experience, huaheng Zhixin analysts believe that the relationship between qualification management and competency model is inclusion and inclusion.That is, the qualification standard includes knowledge and skills, quality, behavior and contribution, among which quality model is a very important part.Secondly, attention should be paid to the unity and coordination of all departments in the process of establishing the qualification standards.In the process of establishing qualification management, all departments need to cooperate with the human resources department to establish qualification standards, so that the standards are consistent and the same measurement standard.Between different departments in the qualification standard of some company job qualification standards of behavior standards on qualitative discrepancy is large, and is also easy to appear between each branch have different standards, the same jobs in the branch “fixed” eligibility criteria, so that branch as eligibility criteria “set”, so the eligibility criteria in the chaotic situation.Finally, confirm the implementation of the qualifications standards.Most companies spend a lot of effort to establish a set of qualifications management system only for the basis of recruitment, so the role of qualifications management is compromised.Qualification management can not only be used in recruitment, but also in training, assessment, salary, career planning and other fields can play a great role.Qualification management can invigorate the management of the whole enterprise, which is regarded by Ren zhengfei as one of the three successful changes of Huawei in the past decade.It is of great significance.So how to effectively implement the system of qualifications?Based on years of experience in human resource consulting services, the analysts of HZ suggest you to monitor the following key points: 1.In the project design stage, the design of the qualification standard must conform to the actual situation of the customer, the description of the standard is not easy to be too general, should have operability, so how to ensure that the qualification standard how to have operability?First of all, in the process and customer together to design qualification standards, and then after the qualification standard draft made, must be the backbone of the organization in various business related personnel to carefully read and understand together, will qualifications standard draft further refinement, ensure client understanding of qualification standards without deviation,At the same time, it can also make the qualification criteria assessable.Two, carry out the control of the preparatory work.Qualification criteria, is preparing to introduce, then the first thing to formulate detailed implementation plan, including implementation of plans (including qualification standard training learning, etc.), the score of organization and responsibility, evaluation standard, method, the handling of disputes over, authentication question bank and related some scoring template, the template has good maneuverability, best.Make these preparations well in advance for the later work.3. Position qualification control in place for the first time.The client’s first qualification certification is always in place by feeling for stones, so it is inevitable that some places are not in place properly. In this case, we suggest that a Review should be conducted half a year later to re-examine the situation of the first qualification certification and make necessary adjustments.Principle is low not high in place for the first time, that is to say, if an employee, the supervisor think his ability is achieved the level of qualification standard level 3, then to see if he has a level qualification standards before, so he grading in place for the first time you should put a category 2, both for the employees reserved for the future development of a longer channel,At the same time, it can avoid some negative effects caused by high expectations of employees.For the first placement, the supervisor mainly provides suggestions for the placement, and the certification group of related professions determines the final placement through discussion. Then, the supervisor communicates with the employee separately for placement, and the employee prepares corresponding defense materials according to the placement.Iv. Process control of qualification certification.Before the certification begins, it is necessary to conduct centralized training for the judges, mainly covering the principles of the certification evaluation, the process and responsibilities of the certification evaluation, the allocation of time, and the usage instructions of the evaluation template.Generally speaking, the certification time for each person is 1.5 hours. The respondent makes a self-presentation in the first half hour, and then the certification panel judges spend about an hour asking questions and scoring.In addition, the judges of the certification panel need to have an in-depth understanding of the qualifications criteria before the certification and prepare some relevant questions, which can also be referred to the assessment question bank provided by us.In the process of certification evaluation, the judges can dig deeply according to the answers of the respondent in order to find a deeper situation.I think by controlling the above key elements, the implementation of the qualification system can be ensured smoothly. Of course, scientific and effective project management methods should also be used to manage the overall situation of the project, so as to ensure the final success of the project.