Guiyang Huaxi District received 255 million yuan in tourism revenue during the 2022 Spring Festival holiday

2022-09-14 0 By

Guiyang Network news on February 7, the reporter learned from Guiyang Huaxi district, according to preliminary estimates, during this year’s Spring Festival holiday in the area received 419,400 tourists, tourism revenue of 255 million yuan.During the lunar New Year holiday, for the vast number of visitors to create a comfortable and safe traveling environment, provide abundant tourism products and support orderly services, create wonderful scenic area, northwest area in strict accordance with the requirements stated in the province, city tourism strict requirements to carry out the epidemic prevention and control work, the good scenic spots “, make an appointment, wrong peak of set limit to “three mark,The epidemic prevention and control requirements, such as scanning codes, temperature measurement and wearing masks, should be strictly implemented, supervision and guidance of the industry should be strengthened, disinfection, cleaning and emergency response should be carried out, complaint channels should be kept open, public opinions should be closely watched, and concerns of tourists should be timely responded to.At the same time, to meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control, online cultural activities have been carried out on the digital cultural platform, such as high-quality congratulatory Spring Festival, Mass Writing Spring Festival, Intangible Cultural Heritage Spring Festival, Calligraphy Spring Festival and calligraphy Spring Festival, to convey the taste of the Cultural New Year through colorful online activities.Among them, qingyan ancient Town through deep digging traditional history and culture, intangible cultural heritage, traditional folk customs, launched “wear Hanfu, forward, tiger free tour qingyan”, “intangible cultural heritage” cultural experience, The God of Food and other activities;Tianhetan Tourism resort launched the Spring Festival camping, Tianhetan photo studio, intangible heritage market and other activities;The high slope Yunding Ski resort allows the urban crowd in the south to feel the smooth and exciting experience of skiing in the north.(Guiyang Daily Rong Media reporter Zhan Yan)