Cognition: learn to change yourself, to find a different life

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It is not easy to change others, but even harder to change yourself.Actually, being a leader is not an easy thing.If you want to lead others, you need to understand the psychological game. If you want to lead yourself, you need to overcome the “thief” in your heart.The Ming Dynasty mind master Wang Yangming once warned us: it is easy to break the thief in the mountain, the thief is difficult to break the heart.It is not hard to defeat the thief in the mountain, it is not easy to expel the thief in your heart.The inner “thief” is the innate weakness of human nature, such as laziness, vanity and greed.People always want to get ahead in life, but success is not so easy.Emerson said, “Man is the product of his thoughts.”What kind of thoughts a person has will have what kind of life.The pessimist’s world is grey, because there is no sunshine in his heart, his eyes everywhere are dark and desolate.Carnegie wrote in The Virtues of Human Nature: “Our life is much more complicated than we imagine, so I am particularly in favor of a positive attitude towards life and against a negative one.In other words, we should always be concerned with problems rather than worrying about them. Caring is seeing problems and coming up with solutions, while worrying about losing our temper in a vicious circle will get us nowhere.”A person, if there is no way to make their own inner peace, will be frustrated after setbacks.Life will always be controlled by a variety of desires, if not timely aware of the deviation of the route and to adjust, life will suddenly fall into despair at a random time.Only learn to change yourself, to find a different life.You don’t have to do a lot of work to change yourself, just start with the most basic 4 things, and moving towards the good will become very easy.Keep moving, keep your body a person, exercise and no exercise is the difference between the whole life.Maybe when I was young, I didn’t understand this sentence very well, but as I grew older, most people would agree with it.People in this life to the end, the fight is never wealth and achievement, but health and freedom of life.Although the quality of the constitution is born with, but this is not immutable, strengthen exercise can make the weak stronger, the strong stronger.In fact, sports can not only change the constitution, but also sharpen the spirit.People who can persist in exercise for a long time will have good living habits and mental state.A good state of mind will be good mood, different mood of life will not naturally the same.If you want to change your life, keep moving first.As the saying goes, where there’s life, there’s hope.Keep a good body, have a chance to laugh at the end.Refuse to complain, the state of mind to be positive life wonderful, from refuse to complain.There are a lot of things that don’t go our way in life that we can’t stop or change.Facing the same thing with different attitudes, everyone’s solution is bound to be different.Pessimistic people are always defeated by themselves first.Frequent complaining can be a temporary relief, but it can actually make your life worse.The obstacle to success is never the frequent failure, but the constant complaining.Complaining is like a chronic poison, with the increase of the quantity, life will have a qualitative change.Life deteriorates more often than not because of bad external circumstances, but because of the evil spirit that lives within.Learn to shut up and think.If you think your life is bad, don’t complain or cry, just sit down and think about it. Maybe things will be different.As the saying goes, water can carry a boat, it can also overturn it.How far a man can go, how far he can go.It seems to depend on the environment around you and the attitude of others, but in fact it only depends on yourself.People, only to tolerate the shortcomings of others, can have a broad network of people and stable relationships.A person who pursues perfection too much often gives others the impression of being critical.After all, we are all human. There is no such thing as a perfect saint who never makes a mistake.Do an atmosphere of people, some things can forgive forgive, we do not have to hold on to a point.Caring will not only affect the mood of others, but also affect one’s public image.In this world, there is only one indispensable quality of personality and that is magnanimity.Atmosphere is a character, is a realm, is a habit, is also a kind of wisdom.Most people are the giants of thought and the dwarfs of action.Not because we all love to brag, but there is always a long distance between ideal and reality.Too many people look up and see the stars all over the sky and tall buildings in the distance, and think that the stars in the sky are nothing unusual, as long as you stand on the roof of the reach of the stars.In fact, very few people actually go to the top of the building, and those who do go to the top of the building go through a lot of trouble and then find that the stars are not within reach.Procrastinating makes people lose sight of reality, think that there is still time, and that everything will be easy.Because there is no enforcement, there will always be a mystery.There are two kinds of people who fail miserably in this world. One is lazy, and the other is proud.Laziness blinds people to their own incompetence, and pride blinds people to the turn of events.If you want to change your life, you must first change your state of mind. The height of your life is always determined by your personal cognition.About the author: Wei Chen, a freelance writer.Love literature, poetry and literary works have a certain understanding.I hope I can bring you spiritual relaxation through writing, and wish your life will be more beautiful after meeting my writing.