Centenarian Yang Zhenning shares the secret of longevity: Keep doing three things well. Exercise is not the key

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Longevity has been pursued by many people since ancient times. They all hope that they can maintain the constitution of longevity. Some people also hope that they will live forever, but this is difficult to do, and it can be said that no one can do it.But now with the improvement of living standards, medical level is more and more developed, like some people’s average life expectancy has also improved, now there are also some centenarians around, such as Academician Yang Zhenning.Yang Zhenning was born in 1922, now seems to be in a very good state of mind, compared to some seventy or eighty old people in a good state of mind, is also very envious of a thing, so many people are more confused, for Yang Zhenning academician, what is the secret of longevity?A lot of people would first think of sports, do real movement can help to enhance their ability to resist, prevent bacteria invasion to reduce the risk, of preserve one’s health effect, but this member of Yang also said that in fact is not the key to longevity movement, as if the following a few things to do, perhaps is also more and more healthy body.Centenarians Yang zhenning share longevity: please to do three things, sports a key, good state of mind, not for longevity is not too hard Yang zhenning academicians in the usual mentality is also very good, also never angry at ordinary times, even if encountered some trouble, also would laugh it off, not to heart.As the saying often says: laugh ten young, worry a worry white head.Keep optimistic heart, everyone is good for health, if often depressed and anxious, it is easy to lead to internal dysfunction of the body, but also reduce the autoimmune function, increase the risk of disease, affect personal health.So at ordinary times must pay attention to maintain a good state of mind, must not be excessively demanding to longevity, such words backfire instead.To avoid detour two, to believe in science, correct treatment, Mr Yang is also very believe in science at ordinary times, after Yang zhenning academicians think ill have to scientific treatment, don’t delay treatment, and in her usual never take medicine in disorder, like some health care products are never touched, food is also very light, never smoke and drink.Yang Zhenning academician believes that body aging is a natural law, eating health care products, most of which is a psychological comfort, can not change aging, let alone prevent diseases.Moreover, some health care products, after all, are a kind of medicinal materials, which are three toxic drugs. They will easily increase the burden on the body, but affect personal health. Therefore, scientific treatment rather than deadly health care products may be conducive to the development of longevity constitution.Three, the role of reading is better than health care products Yang Zhenning academician in peacetime is also like reading, because reading is very good for the body, not only can long knowledge, but also can help prevent disease.This is because when reading at ordinary times, the most important thing is to calm down, and peace of mind is also the key to health.Of course, the so-called static is not to say sedentary, in peacetime also should pay attention to appropriate movement, the most important is to maintain state of mind balance, do not be too excited, or emotional fluctuations are too large, such can affect individual health, so in peacetime should pay attention to relax state of mind.What are the physical characteristics of long-lived people?1, eyebrows, long longevity and for some people, constitution, there is a long eyebrows this feature, once ancient books record “phase all make god” : “eyebrows hanging, old undoubtedly”, so long eyebrows that sufficient qi and blood in the body, hormone secretion, can promote the growth of hair, if you also have this characteristic, belongs to longevity and health.2, defecate is nearly on the elderly age, metabolic ability to drop, the toxin cannot discharge in time, also can appear constipation, this time will increase the burden of the body, also can induce various gastrointestinal diseases and other diseases, but on the contrary, if you are older, defecate relatively fast speed, and no constipation problem, explain intestinal health were more likely to live longer.3, walk fast as the saying goes: old legs first decline.So if both men and women walk faster after age 45 and do not report leg pain or poor balance, they are likely to be more interested in their health and longevity.4, small wound healing fast in life will inevitably be may ke the situation of the injury, this time there will be a small wound, if can heal quickly, that the body is also good, especially after the age of 45, small wound to heal quickly, illustrate the leucocyte sterilization ability is stronger, platelet hemostatic relatively fast speed, it also suggests that the body is healthy.Read more: How long do you live?After the age of 60, body weight is more likely to live longer With the growth of age, metabolic capacity decreases, it is easy to cause the accumulation of toxins, will appear the problem of obesity.The intestines and stomach health that also can affect an individual in excessive obesity however and each organ function is run, affect the life of the individual thereby, must notice to maintain inside reasonable limits so.The body fat dose under 60 years old should be controlled between 18.5 and 23.92. The body weight of people after 60 years old should be controlled between 24 and 20.9, which is also within a reasonable weight range and shows that the body is relatively healthy.How should the elderly maintain a normal weight?1, daily attention to a reasonable diet, pay attention to the collocation of thickness, can enhance metabolism, discharge of toxins.2, control the intake of oil and salt, help to reduce the damage to various organs, help to lose weight.3, pay attention to supplement high-quality protein and vitamin, meet the needs of the human body and enhance metabolism.4, usually should pay attention to appropriate exercise, can accelerate fat burning, promote toxin discharge, keep good body.Therefore, longevity is a wish everyone wants to achieve, but to achieve longevity constitution, diet and rest should pay attention to adjustment, learn to maintain themselves, longevity will also favor you more.