Breakthrough!Banks make loans to bankrupt enterprises

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Article/Yangcheng Evening News full media reporter Dong Liu correspondent Zeng Lele On January 24, “Guangdong Qianshan company common interest debt financing signing ceremony” was held in Shunde District Court of Foshan City.Shunde Rural Commercial Bank has signed a bank loan contract with Guangdong Qianshan Medical Device Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Guangdong Qianshan Company”), and shunde Rural Commercial Bank will issue a loan of RMB 2 million yuan to Guangdong Qianshan Company.The signing of this contract marks the landing of the cb financing project of Guangdong Qianshan Company, realizing a major breakthrough in direct financing to bankrupt enterprises by banks, and providing shunde model for effectively solving the financing difficulties of bankrupt enterprises.Guangdong Qianshan Company is a key construction enterprise in Guangdong province, which will integrate research and development, manufacturing and sales of medical supplies and equipment, with an estimated annual production value of more than 2 billion yuan.Due to the fracture of capital chain, debt crisis occurred, and shunde Court ruled to accept bankruptcy liquidation in 2021.Shunde court in the process of hearing, found out that Guangdong Qianshan company has restructuring value and restructuring possible, but due to the lack of liquidity, restructuring work can not promote, may cause the enterprise existing assets derogation, loss, or even loss of restructuring value and possible.Financing difficulties, become bankrupt enterprises out of the predicament of the “block”.Under normal circumstances, after enterprises enter bankruptcy proceedings, credit investigation and other aspects will be restricted accordingly, and banks and other financing institutions usually no longer provide financing services to bankrupt enterprises.In recent years, both central and local governments have introduced policies to encourage local governments to explore and establish new bankruptcy financing mechanisms to solve the financing difficulties of bankrupt enterprises.Last year, the Opinions on Promoting and Ensuring managers’ Performance of Duties in Accordance with the Law in Bankruptcy Proceedings to Further optimize the Business environment were released, specifying that banking financial institutions should strengthen credit support to bankrupt enterprises.In September 2020, Foshan Bankruptcy Administrators Association reached a consensus with shunde Rural Commercial Bank and other five banks to provide credit support for bankrupt enterprises in Foshan according to their own business rules and service products.In February 2021, Foshan Central Hospital signed a memorandum of understanding with Foshan Financial Work Bureau, Foshan Supervision Branch of CBRC and Foshan Central Sub-branch of People’s Bank of China to support the exploration and establishment of a new financing mode in bankruptcy proceedings.Wang Xiaona, case handling judge and vice president of the bankruptcy court of Shunde Court: Different from financing through third-party platforms or establishing capital pools, the signing of the contract creates a new mode of bankruptcy financing of “bank + bankrupt enterprise” and opens a new situation for bankrupt enterprises to directly finance from banks.Source | yangcheng evening news · guangzhou send pictures | visual coordinating editor of China | Chen Qian