Box 15 Tense 317 exercises after class (50/50)

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81.– What are you going to do this weekend?–I ____.A. didn’t decide B. Won’t decideC. Have decided D. Haven’t decided82.– Sorry I’m lateThe film _____ on for only a few minutes.A. has been B. was C. will be D. is83.– Kitty,Will you go to see the film this morning? —No, I _____ it already.A. saw B. have seen C. see D. will see84.Mike _____ computer games just nowB. played C. was playing D. play85.Most people _____ when the big earthquake took place in that area.A. are sleeping B. Were sleeping C. slept D. sleep86.Jenny _____ with a Chinese family for two years. Now she’s used to the life inChina.A. stays B. would stay C. is staying D. has stayed87.—Do you know Bob? —He often_____ shoes in the street.A. have mended B. mend C. had mended D. mends88.I _____ to bed so late last night That I couldn’t get up on time today.A. go b. go c. went d. have gone89.– Where’s the cake?—We ____ it.A. ate B. eat C. will eat D. were eating90.—Are you flying to New York for a trip? —No, I ____ there already.A. am B. will be C. have been D. am going91.My school is a little far. So I usually ____ to work by bike.A. went B. had gone C. go D. goes92.—-Shall we go shopping now? —- Sorry, I can’t. I _____ my shirts.A. wash B. brushes C. washed D. am Washington 93.– What beautiful flowers in the garden!—-Yeah! We ____ them last year.A. planted B. plant C. are planting D. were playing94.—Have you ever been to Shanghai? —-Yes, I ____ there last winter.A. go B. went C. has been D. has gone95.– They said there’s A new restaurant nearby. —-Yes, and it ____ for no more than a week.A. has been open B. opensC. is opening D. is opened96.—What will you do if it _____ tomorrow? —-I’ll stay at home.A. rain B. rains C. will rain D. is raining97.She _____ you as soon as She gets to Beijing write B. wrote C. writes D. is writing98.We ____ fishing if it ____ tomorrow.A. will go / rain B. went / will RainC. Won’t go/rains d. won’t go/will rain99.Look!The boys ______ in the river.A. swims B. is swimmingC. swam D. are swimming100.Since then, The old man ________ here.A. Lived B. lives C. is living D. Has lived 15 Basic Tenses column — The heart of English Sentences