A man in Zhejiang province used 20 yuan coupons on online shopping, only to be refunded for several times

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Article | Sue title: a man shopping with 20 yuan securities, zhejiang province, the result many times under the absence of a refund, man: can’t afford to play in order to attract customers to consumer, many stores or online stores will have activities, even platform will also launch activities, such as some preferential to consumers with the securities, the amount can reach a certain consumption.Although it seems to be tens of yuan cheaper, in fact, the business is still profitable, usually do not card customers on the coupon, especially the type of paying thousands of yuan, basically can buy successfully.However, a man in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province encountered such a case. He tried to use a 20 yuan coupon for a washing machine worth more than 1,000 yuan, but the platform decided to refund the order for several times. Let’s take a look.On March 23, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, a Mr. Yang reported to the media that he tried to use a 20 yuan coupon to buy a washing machine on an online shopping platform, but he was returned after placing orders and paying for it many times. He succeeded without the coupon.In early March, Mr. Yang wanted to give a small washing machine to his friend. In the evening of 5th, he placed an order and spent 1000 yuan with a 20 yuan coupon.When he woke up on the morning of 6th, he found that he had been refunded by the system. The reason was that the product was restricted, and the account number or receiving address was judged by the system to be not in line with the delivery conditions. He also asked the online shop.The customer service of the online store said that there was no way to use the coupons because the platform had to review them, and it was not the online store that gave Mr. Yang a refund. Therefore, Mr. Yang also found another store to buy the same coupons, and the result was the same reason for the refund.After being refunded for many times, he did not use the coupon of 20 yuan any more. This time, he placed the order successfully, and the washing machine was also sent to his friend. However, he doubted that the platform could not afford the coupon of 20 yuan.The reporter on site also called the platform to ask, and the customer service replied that it might be because they had participated in the activities, which led to the system’s decision not to pass. However, the customer service did not have the authority to check the specific reason, so they could only give feedback to the commissioner.Later, the reporter received a message from the platform’s pr department, but did not explain the reason, just asking customers to try to place orders with coupons again.In summary, the whole thing should be the problem of his own account, maybe he really participated in it, but Mr. Yang himself did not know, which led to the refund of multiple orders, rather than the platform can not play activities.After all, it is only a coupon of 20 yuan, compared with the price of washing machine, to be honest, you can get it anywhere. This is also a common fault of many platforms, and a lot of activities are complicated, so you can’t understand the terms if you don’t pay attention to them.Let alone Mr. Yang’s age stage, even young people do not necessarily understand, and it is not much cheaper, we all have to work, there is no requirement to study the platform for 10 or 20.What do you think about that?