Why didn’t In the Name of the People kill Jeong Eui-jin in the US?Zhao Ruilong would never dare to do that

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In “the name of the people”, our Ding Yizhen is the end of the gold mines in Africa, to kill the people, then, that makes a person feel puzzling, because we want to know, somebody else as far afield as the United States, he has a chance, so far as to say that it’s lonely, he hasn’t depend, the forces behind the kill somebody else as stamp on the ants,Then why not go after Chung eui-jin in the US?In fact, I think Zhao Ruilong not only dare not do, want to don’t think that way, and the reason is simple, though, a lot of people think is Zhao Ruilong villain, in fact, even the evil villain is to abide by the laws of the dark forest, you want to know, people who assume YiZhen although corruption things away, but he did not betray Zhao Ruilong, for him,Once he was exposed, Zhao Ruilong sent someone to take care of him.Zhao Ruilong, then, did a very stupid thing, because the heart every belly, once the black hand under Zhao Ruilong really killed Ding Yizhen in the United States, so, in order to later zhao rui dragon won’t get the loyalty of the others, is very simple, because people will think that somebody else has exposed the criminals, after exposure, is not the end,Whether it’s a subordinate or a villain, loyalty is mutual.This loyalty is strong and hard, but at the same time, this kind of loyalty is also very fragile, Zhao Ruilong or qi wei decisive break with the fragile layer of loyalty, then there will be a large area of avalanche collapse, whether anyone no longer loyal to them, so, this leads to a result, after Zhao Ruilong won’t get anybody’s trust, so,Zhao Ruilong would never dare to kill people in the United States.From TV inside the xin-jian liu can see out, he was know Ding Yizhen to African gold mine, so, xin-jian liu is I know I will be back, this is caused when he was in the early can be so strong, because he knew Ding Yizhen ending, but then why did he break, largely because Zhao Ruilong Ding Yizhen to kill,He knew he had no choice but to tell the truth.TV, of course, is to make some slight plot processing, because art processing is to show the nefarious characters, if all like good higher education role, after you see the TV series, will be of high education is to produce a different kind of goodwill, think he is a gentle, rhythmic work of the people, this is TV art processing components,Because most of the villains in the real world are like this.