There is a surprise!Lexie has a brand new city card

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Reporter Chen Zhiwei key projects all started, for the business enterprise to provide exclusive parking space, to carry out the “golden idea” solicitation activities……The beginning is a decisive battle, starting is sprint, at the beginning of the New Year, The work of Laixi ushered in a wonderful start.On February 7th, The Beijing Automobile Factory located in Jiangshan Town, Laixi City, Qingdao was already a busy scene. The machines in each workshop were roaring, and four models such as two-door mini card and micro card came off the production line one after another.”Our vehicle manufacturing headquarters and industrial base realized the first sample car off the production line in July last year, and accepted the production qualification examination and acceptance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in September. At the end of December, four new models were off the production line.”Yang Tieliang, general manager of Beijing Automobile Factory, said, “Before going to work on the fifth day of the first month, Laixi Municipal Party secretary Zhou Ke and deputy Party secretary, acting mayor Liu Ying led a team to visit our enterprises, to help ‘examine the pulse’, in-depth discussion of high-quality development of new ways and new methods.”After the Laixi Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government visited the city’s key enterprises and projects, the senior management of Qingdao Haishi Hainuo Group held a meeting to discuss the development goals of the group on February 6th.”Recently, all members of our group have been working overtime to ramp up production and rush to produce supplies needed for COVID-19.With the actual action to return to society, feedback to the Laixi Municipal Party committee, the city government to our private enterprises attention.””Said Hu Jing, general manager of Hainuo Group.Development is the absolute principle, and project is the absolute support.On February 6th, Zhou Ke, Secretary of the CPC Laixi Municipal Committee, and Liu Ying, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Laixi Municipal Committee and acting Mayor met with Ding Lei, founder, Chairman and CEO of Chinese Express Holding Co., LTD.Zhou Ke said that Chinese Express has a leading technological advantage in the field of new energy vehicles, and the two sides are highly compatible in the development strategy. He hoped that the settlement of Chinese Express could drive upstream and downstream enterprises to settle in Laixi.Laixi Municipal Party Committee and municipal Government will provide all-round high-quality services for The investment, construction and development of China Express Group in Laixi, and promote the early implementation of the project.Ding lei said that Laixi enjoys sound economic and social development, and the city is full of vitality. China Express will further play its advantages, expand cooperation areas, strengthen comprehensive and in-depth cooperation, and make positive contributions to the high-quality development of local economy and society while realizing its own development and growth.On January 17 this year, China Express officially signed a cooperation agreement with Qingdao city to set up its China headquarters in Qingdao, build a world-class R&D technology center for the world, and establish gaohe Automobile Sales and Service Corporation.As an innovative technology company focused on the future intelligent transportation industry, Chinese express has built a more than 4000 people with rich industry experience and break through the international team of creative thinking, by integrating the most advanced resources globalization development layout of epoch-making intelligent electric vehicles, to be the top new energy smart car brand in China.HiPhi X, its high-efficiency vehicle, successfully won the double crown of monthly sales of luxury brand electric vehicles in December 2021 and sales in the second half of 2021.In recent years, Laixi city around the whole industry chain of new energy vehicles industry, has initially formed a new energy vehicle industry chain, the introduction of Qingdao’s first first-line brand fully qualified vehicle headquarters enterprise Beijing Automobile Factory, fill the blank of Qingdao vehicle headquarters enterprise.Chinese Express China headquarters settled in Laixi, Qingdao, filling the gap of the lack of high-end automobile headquarters enterprises in Qingdao, marking a key step in the extension of new energy automobile industry chain in Qingdao.Recently, the Government of Laixi city said in response to “Minsheng Online” netizens consultation, the next step, Laixi city will take new energy vehicles as the commanding height of high-tech industry, accelerate the development of new energy vehicles industry cluster, so that new energy vehicles become an important industrial plate to support the future development of Laixi.Focus on key projects and the “four New” economy, support high-quality economic and social development with high-quality projects, deepen and expand the “Lacy Experience”, make breakthroughs in multiple points and promote in depth…These new as new measures, laixi enterprises and cadres and the masses injected a warm current and new kinetic energy.At present, laixi city new energy vehicles, biomedicine and other “four new” key enterprises, aviation airport, modern vocational education park and other key projects have all started construction.Staff guide enterprise vehicles to exclusive parking Spaces.On February 2nd, laixi Municipal government courtyard was busy, planning and painting 71 exclusive parking Spaces for service enterprises, making business parking faster and more convenient.Li Weiyang, deputy general manager of Qingdao Wanfu Construction Engineering Co., LTD., who came to work on the first working day after the Holiday, was heartened by this small gesture. “We felt valued and improved our efficiency,” he said.It is understood that, in order to further optimize the business environment, According to the parking demand and parking parking resources of service enterprises, Laixi city will be the best location of 71 parking berths in the municipal party Committee and government yard set as “exclusive parking Spaces for service enterprises”.In addition, also specially set up a batch of “serve the masses exclusive parking Spaces”.”To optimize the business environment, we need to start with every detail. We need to leave the best and most convenient parking Spaces in the courtyards of municipal and municipal governments for entrepreneurs and the general public to run errands and save as much time as possible.”Laixi Municipal Party secretary Zhou Ke said.A sound business environment is the sunshine and rain for enterprises to thrive.In addition to the establishment of exclusive parking Spaces for enterprises, Laixi city has also established a service platform of “Huiqitong” for intelligent visitors, and opened a green channel. Visiting enterprises can log in the visitor reservation system through mobile phones or computers to identify the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code at any time and make an appointment with the visitors.After passing the examination, visitors will receive the examination in the first time through SMS and linked TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, through which they can enter and leave the administrative office center at the appointed time, further saving the registration time.Focusing on optimizing the business environment, Laixi constantly innovates ideas and sets up a special class on business environment with the participation of 37 departments, including 6 working groups and 23 special groups.Through improving the mechanism for promoting coordination among departments, we have clearly put forward the collaborative concept of “stepping forward to form overlapping work, but never stepping backward to leave a blank”, and the service concept of “everyone is a business environment” has gained popular support.Through the implementation of “enterprise should” “help enterprise employees” and other service models, Lacy adhere to the problem oriented, from specific matters, specific problems, combined with “help enterprise employees”, entrepreneurs and other channels, listen to the opinions and suggestions of enterprise employees, and timely research measures to do a good job of implementation…In addition, Laxi city has made a combination of measures to optimize the business environment by empowering enterprises through various channels such as awards and subsidies and bank credit.Starlight lives on.In the 2021 Qingdao Entrepreneur Satisfaction Index survey, Laixi ranked first among the 10 districts and was awarded the “2021 City with Excellent Investment Environment”.Ask for advice from the people for the development of Lacey to gather wisdom, a good strategy.On February 7th, the Golden Idea Office of Lacey city proposed to launch the “I Love Lacey · Create surprise” “Golden idea” solicitation activity for the development of Lacey.According to the introduction, the activity focused on the key points, difficulties, pain points and blocking points in the economic and social development of Laixi city, and many good ways and “golden ideas” are conducive to promoting industrial innovation, promoting reform and opening up, improving people’s livelihood, introducing high-quality resources, improving social governance and other aspects.The Golden Ideas Office of Lacey city will form a selection team, which will regularly organize the selection of “golden ideas” that have enlightening significance for the development of Lacey, and award the best ones.The handling of the adopted suggestions shall be fed back by the relevant responsible units to the suggestions, which shall be incorporated into the “People express” media service platform to promote the implementation of the suggestions.According to reports, the first day of the activity received business and all sectors of society ideas and suggestions more than 60.Laixi City Golden idea office related person introduced, Laixi city sincerely look forward to, through this activity can fully carry forward democracy, so that the Laixi Municipal Party committee, the government’s decision deployment more in line with the majority of people’s thoughts and expectations;Can deeply listen to public opinion, so that the wishes of people from all walks of life more smoothly expressed;To be able to concentrate the wisdom of the people, so that the wisdom of the people of Laci can be released more fully;It can better gather people’s support and make concerted efforts to promote Laixi to build the central regional economic uplift belt of Jiaodong Peninsula.Recently, the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of China University of Petroleum visited Qingdao Ruizhi Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. in Laixi, Qingdao, and held the signing ceremony of industry-university-research cooperation and the opening ceremony of practical Teaching base.One is the “leader” in the industry, the other is the “leader” in the scientific research field. The two have no intersection to hand in hand cooperation, “affinity” since the application of Qingdao industrial leading talent team organized by Qingdao Science and Technology Bureau.In the application process of Qingdao industry leading talent team, it was learned that Ruizhi had urgent technical demand for the automatic plucking project of broiler chickens. Laixi Association for Science and Technology and Qingdao Science and Technology Bureau acted as a bridge in person.The solution provided by the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of China University of Petroleum perfectly met the needs of the enterprise, and the two sides hit it off immediately. It only took one month from initial acquaintance to cooperation.This is a vivid epitome of Laxi’s “turn around enterprises and help talents to do”.In recent years, Laixi city has concentrated its efforts to do a solid and detailed job in talent service. It has not only come up with policies to encourage talents, but also come up with countermeasures to serve talents, focusing on optimizing the talent ecology, creating a highland for entrepreneurship and innovation, and constantly stimulating the vitality of talent innovation and entrepreneurship.On the one hand, Laixi pays attention to the role of policy guidance and constantly optimizes the ecological environment for talents.The government has issued measures for graduate students to purchase housing vouchers, relaxing restrictions on household registration and social security payment time, and granting qualified graduate students a one-off purchase voucher of 100,000 yuan and doctoral students 150,000 yuan, which can be used as cash for the down payment of housing, to minimize the burden of graduate students to purchase housing.In addition to the purchase vouchers for graduate students, college graduates will also be given a monthly “gift package” of policy subsidies such as housing subsidies and talent allowances.It has formulated the implementation measures of talent classification and evaluation, led the selection of 142 municipal talents, such as the top talents of Laci and The Harmonious Emissary of Laci, to stimulate the innovation and entrepreneurship of all kinds of talents.In January 2022, Laixi issued management measures for the selection of industrial leading talents (teams), exploring the implementation of the “talent selection by project” mode, giving the talent (teams) awarded with a talent allowance of up to 1 million yuan and project support, and striving to “train a talent, drive a team, and develop an industry”.On the other hand, we will focus on building an industry-university-research cooperation platform to meet enterprises’ talent and technology needs.The lacey had talent, association for science and technology and other departments actively lead, Qingdao gold mother agricultural science and technology co., LTD. And China academy of agricultural sciences’, huazhong agricultural university, Qingdao agricultural university and other institutes of colleges and universities cooperation to build a creative community, Qingdao is the only a support for the construction of Qingdao city technology bureau annual innovation, entrepreneurial community support up to 20 million yuan;The cooperation project between Qingdao Guoxuan Battery and Ocean University of China was approved at shandong provincial level, with provincial support funds of more than 12 million yuan. The university cooperation projects of Qingdao Junxiang, Qingdao Shengke Materials and other enterprises were approved at Qingdao Municipal level, with support funds of more than 11 million yuan.In Laixi, industry-university-research cooperation has become a key factor for enterprises to introduce high-level talents, overcome technical difficulties and achieve transformational development.Now, in the process of speeding up the building of jiaodong Peninsula central regional economic uplift belt, “Lexi, come to have a surprise.Lexie can do wonders.”Is becoming a resounding new calling card for the city.