The Spring Festival is still strong in these business districts of Jing ‘an due to insufficient holiday balance

2022-09-13 0 By

The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end. How many movies did you watch during the holiday?How much weight did you gain?At the end of the holiday, jing ‘an district’s major business districts are still bustling with people, with a strong smell of the New Year.In Jing ‘an City, reporters saw that there were still many people queuing to scan the health code to enter the mall.In the mall, all kinds of New Year’s costumes can be seen everywhere. In addition to the “normal operation” such as Special discounts for the Spring Festival, the mall also set up a “Spring Festival flash market” in the main hall, where all kinds of exquisite small goods are full of beautiful things.Outside the shopping mall, outdoor activities also attract many customers.The small train that parades the business circle with lights and decorations, children’s playground with laughter, karts, trampolines, various kinds of food stalls, inside and outside the shopping mall is a lively scene.Besides eating, shopping and watching movies, sports are also a must for many people.In the business area of Darong City, there are not only sports venues such as basketball courts, but also an ice skating rink, which is hot for the winter Olympics. Parents and children can participate together.Before you go back to work, catch up on your vacation.Shangguan by Jing ‘an, Shanghai