League of Legends 2022 Spring GAME UP zero game IG crush the old champion team!

2022-09-13 0 By

Hi, everybody, this is the editor of mitki seibayashi. Today is the game between UP and IG. UP played a sharp 0 for 5IG twice and played a great state to win!IG 0:1 UP at the start, AD was lifted by Lucas Low, xiaoyueji took one blood.Then the two sides gank to the lower road and kill AD, UP control the first dragon and pioneer.Eight minutes later, Xun grabs the UP team and kills them. UP lets go of the UP leader and pushes off a blood tower.11 minutes, IG accept dragon, Lucas first hand raised the bomber killed, Xiaoyueji pushed off the road tower.Vanguard refresh, IG everyone fire to kill Jess, UP take vanguard.Subsequently, the two sides exchanged resources, and UP gained a little.The UPpoke system drove down IG’s health, Xun failed to capture the dragon, and UP defeated the Dragon.27 min. ShiauC flashes to stop Yuekai, but is played 1 for 2, IG wins the listening dragon.IG took advantage of the situation to rush tai Lung, but batting wild and AD were killed, and UP pushed the middle heights.Xun flash water Dragon spirit, IG 1 for 3.IG then moved the dragon was captured by Cryin aircraft.In the 36th minute, IG opened with a 3-for-4 run.Far gu Dragon group, IG first attack but Nosuke is killed, dragon is stolen by H4cker, UP 3 for 4, take advantage of the situation to win the dragon.42 min, IG go high but are bowled 0 for 5, UP to end the game.Congratulations to UP!IG 0:2 UP female tank was ambushed and killed by Squatting, Elk gained a health, and EZ was killed after going online.Four minutes later, Xun goes to the lower road tower and kills Xia. Zs barrels TP support is 1 for 2.In the early stage of the game, UP and down the road many times to complete the killing, IG control the first dragon and pioneer, both sides have more heads exchange.12 minutes, IG pioneer put on the road to push off a blood tower, H4cker wild area to kill EZ, Elk chardondan eat a road tower.In the middle of the game, IG started the rhythm around Gwen, and UP double C led the push tower, and also took down two dragons.17 min, Cryin was attacked, but the team came to kill IG uano, economy poor to 5K.Dragon refresh, ShiauC Luo opened to Gewen kill, UP directly open dragon, hit a wave of 1 for 4 dragon group battle, win dragon, economic difference came to 1W.After 22 minutes, Lucas lady tann was struck out first and UP went 0 for 4 on IG Highland to end the game with a run.Congratulations on the UP!That’s all for this time!If you want to learn more, please follow us!