In February, China’s non-game application overseas revenue list is estimated, scanning Omnipotent King firmly ranked the top three

2022-09-13 0 By

Recently, market research institute released the top 30 non-game manufacturers and applications in China in February 2022.In terms of specific products, social networking, content, tools and web articles are still the mainstream products for domestic manufacturers to go abroad.Tool products, he He Information under the scanner king is still firmly in the top three.In fact, tool application has always been a strong domestic manufacturers overseas products.As early as around 2010, various well-known manufacturers started to go abroad, and many products have achieved good results in the overseas market.However, influenced by the single business model, changes in overseas market policies and other factors, around 2017, many domestic tool applications have failed overseas.In recent two years, with the development of domestic mobile Internet and the rise of short video products, mobile tool applications of domestic manufacturers are once again popular in overseas markets.In February this year, there are still a number of tool application manufacturers, into the top 30 non-game manufacturers overseas.CamScanner, which has a large number of users in China, remains at the top of the list, ranking third in overseas revenue after TikTok and BIGOLIVE.Scanning omnipotent king reason leading track, as a representative of the beckoning of tools APP scans wang is the universal intelligent recognition APP scans and text, provide the scanning and image processing function of mobile phones, tablet to carry the scanner, the complex scenario documents to PDF files or pictures, and further recognition to text, convenient implementation document asset management.One of the main reasons why the scanning omnipotent King still leads the track after the “great waves swept the sand” of tool apps is that he insists on improving core technology.Scan Omni-King Mother Company has core independent research and development technologies in artificial intelligence and big data, and has been deeply engaged in intelligent text recognition, image processing, natural language processing, knowledge mapping, big data mining and other core technology fields for more than ten years.In addition to the focus on core technology, scanning omnipotent wang’s bright performance also stems from its insight into overseas market trends.Scanning Omni-king constantly explored the pain points of overseas users in practical application scenarios, and launched corresponding functions, such as PDF import, shadow removal, daubing, etc., which won a large number of users’ praise.In the first half of 2021, Scan King ranked the second most downloaded tool App in China, second only to Video editing App Noizz, and second only to PictureThis in user spending.From early dividend beneficiaries of the global market, until now the industry evergreen tree and potential players, despite the around is full of variables, but by scanning omnipotent king tools APP continuously grope user pain points, ongoing version iteration and function optimization, to solve practical application in the scene of various kinds of needs, in the development of overseas leave a footprint after another.