IOS 15.4 Beta 3 released with 11 new improvements

2022-09-13 0 By

Preface distance from the last push just a week.Apple has released a new firmware update for iOS 15.4 Beta 3.Back to the firmware.This version is still a minor tinker.Well, that probably means the official version is coming.As for the more improvements we found in this update.• iOS 15.4 Beta 3• Comparison System: iOS 15.4 Beta 2• Version number: (19E5225g) • Version type: Developer Beta improved 1. Fluency improved2. Base band condition: 1.57.00 -> 1.59.003. Added the text of “Need to gaze to enable face ID” popup window after unlocking the phone with mask on, and the popup window will prompt that gaze function will be enabled when wearing mask even if closed.4. Added throughput tests in developer Settings to see average results for ping packet loss, idle ping latency, and download/upload speed.5. Added the functions of “interstitials, all marked as played and remove downloads” for podcasts.• No additional content has been found.Adjustments • No additional adjustments have been found.IOS 15.4 Beta 2 is now available for traffic updates and OTA downloads.7. In this version, if you don’t have an SOS emergency contact, the system will remind you to do so, but it didn’t pop up after I tried deleting the contact.(From @Jeff Benjamin) • No other new discoveries yet.8. Adjusted the macro mode icon in the “Amplifier” app.• No more changes have been found on other devices.Bugs9. There is an issue that the camera may be triggered by mistake during FaceTime calls between iOS and macOS.10. It may crash when the oxygen function of blood is turned on in health applications.11. Fixed an error that could be reported when adding nucleic acid test results.• No more bugs found. Battery life Battery life.We will use GeekBench 4 to test this version for 3 hours, and the results will be published on @ibeta.1, directly open in the browser: ibeta. me[1], jump to @ibeta, select the description file and install it to your device as shown in the picture.2. Install the description file and restart.3. After reboot, you will receive the update push. Click “Download and install”.4, the detailed tutorial can be viewed by clicking on the following picture: Copyright The copyright of the test results, the experience report and the accompanying picture belong to @ibeta.Column head design from @Li Xingyou.In order to respect our labor results and efforts, reduce the difficulty of your future reprint.Please sign your name prominently when reprinting: “This article comes from iBeta.”Sponsors thank “high quality second-hand mall · Aif second-hand” for providing the test machine.