Hunan Xintian: efficient and saving flue-cured tobacco seedling workshop “Qiao change” early rice seedling greenhouse

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Hunan Xintian: high efficiency and saving flue-cured tobacco seedling workshop “Qiao change” early rice seedling greenhouse good rice half rice, seedlings good three points harvest.At present is the important season of rice seedling, in Xintian County of Hunan Province, just completed the workshop of flue-cured tobacco seedling “transformation” early rice concentrated seedling greenhouse, large grain farmers are organizing workers to seize the time to carry out early rice concentrated seedling, everywhere is a busy spring farming production scene.In xintian County tidepu village of flue-cured tobacco seedling workshop, the machine is humming, automatic sowing machine, stacking machine is orderly operation, the workers are busy delivering plates, adding seedling substrate, adding seed, handling the rice tray, skilled operation of rice mechanization sowing production line, efficient and convenient.Xintian County Hengfeng Grain and oil Co., LTD. Related person in charge of introduction, this year has been the company’s third year of use of flue-cured tobacco seedling workshop for centralized seedling, seedling effect is very good, neat seedling, into seedling rate is high, seedling robust.”This flue-cured tobacco seedling workshop has advanced, practical, superiority, has a very good temperature control function, early rice seedling and flue-cured tobacco seedling time is not conflict, very suitable for early rice concentration seedling, seedling out of neat, robust, than in the farmland seedling time to shorten seven or eight days.”SAN tin county hengfeng grain and oil co., LTD., director of product development Deng Jiandong introduction, company annual yukon thousands of acres of field of early rice seedlings, if its own investment built nursery greenhouses, in addition to finding space very troublesome, but also to raise hundreds of millions of yuan of money, now use of flue-cured tobacco seedling factory base is free, it will save a large sum of spending to the company.Xintian is a big county of flue-cured tobacco, planting flue-cured tobacco up to 55,000 mu, a total of 15 modern flue-cured tobacco seedling workshops, the county’s flue-cured tobacco seedling has been all realized factory, tobacco seedlings generally in the year before March 25 can be all completed transplanting.In the past, after the transplantation of tobacco seedlings, the flue-cured tobacco seedling greenhouse is basically in the idle state, and these flue-cured tobacco seedling workshops have complete facilities, full function, is a good place to cultivate a variety of crops seedlings, can be transformed into early rice seedling workshops, to achieve seamless transformation of functions.In order to give full play to the advantages of tobacco seedling workshops in cultivating early rice seedlings, this year, Xintian County issued the “Xintian County 2022 township (street) early rice specialized entrusted seedling main docking program,” to clear the document, the existing county’s tobacco seedling workshops should be provided to the nearby, convenient principle free of charge for the main seedling cultivation.At present, Xintian county has 7 large professional early rice seedlings entrusted by the main body of the county respectively docking 15 flue-cured tobacco seedling workshops, make full use of the existing flue-cured tobacco seedling greenhouse resources, can save a lot of early rice seedling construction investment, improve the quality of seedling, to achieve stable grain efficiency and lay a solid foundation.(Jiang Junjun) Statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: