Heze Economic development Zone Danyang street office visited the area police station

2022-09-13 0 By

China Shandong network – Perception of Shandong January 28 news (apprentice reporter Shen Zhen correspondent Ma Xuemin) On the arrival of the Spring Festival, On the morning of January 29, Heze City Development Zone Danyang Street Party Working Committee deputy secretary, office director Sun Yuyong visited the area police station,On behalf of the street Party working committee to the majority of police on duty in the front line, auxiliary police extend holiday wishes and sincere greetings to them in advance, and sent to rice, flour, oil and other daily necessities.Chao Li and Jiao Guangzhou, deputy secretaries of the Sub-district Party Working Committee, and Jia Wenhao, deputy director of the office, attended the meeting.Sun Yuyong and his delegation visited the police stations of Heping Road, Danyang, Railway station and Jinan Road successively, and got a detailed understanding of their work and the public security situation in each place. They fully affirmed the outstanding achievements made by the police stations in maintaining social stability, preventing and controlling the epidemic and serving the people in the past year.Thanks to the public security officers who have been paying a lot of hard work for the area of public security.We hope that the police will continue to carry forward the glorious tradition, make persistent efforts, continue to carry forward the spirit of not fearing hardship, not fearing fatigue, loyalty and dedication, and dare to take responsibility. We will always tighten the tension of security and stability, strengthen patrol, prevention and control and emergency response in the area, and ensure that the residents in the area have a civilized and peaceful Spring Festival.