Help oil price heavy 7 yuan era in April Auchan opened god assist

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Oil price brings the increase in the cost of cars, and is bound to affect consumers’ willingness to buy cars, so there has been a saying: oil price is the barometer of the automobile market, visible this time, every car company will be forced to face a big test.Changan Auchan Automobile is keenly aware of the market pain point, and timely launched the policy of “spending 60 million liters of fuel to help the oil price return to the era of 7 yuan”, giving practical benefits to consumers, adding fuel to car life, and initiating the sales of its hot models — Auchan X5 and Auchan X7PLUS!As we all know, the 100,000 class SUV market has always been one of the most competitive parts of the car circle, and The Auchan X5 can be in one of the dark horse potential hot out of the circle, become the choice of thousands of young users love.What makes it successful in setting a new benchmark for the value of a new 100,000-class sports SUV?In April, when oil prices are soaring, how does it continue to be a blockbuster and maintain the title of “sales leader”?Let’s take a look at auchan X5 “magnification”!Plastic light appearance, dynamic trend.Auchan X5 uses a new “plastic light” aesthetic design, to create a dynamic trend of the body appearance, to meet the young people’s pursuit of sports trend, but also for the sport SUV led the new design trend.Blue whale power and passion.Equipped with the new Blue Whale NE1.5T engine and blue Whale 7DCT wet dual clutch transmission, Auchan X5 reflects the upward momentum of the young generation with the spirit of “after wave”, bringing them the power experience of hormonal explosion.New intelligence, convenient and fun to enjoy.Equipped with the new Onstyle3.0 intelligent ecosystem, auchan X5 fully caters to the needs and characteristics of young people for car life and brings them fast, smart, simple and pleasant intelligent new experience.One hundred thousand price, leapfrog enjoy.Auchan X5 is committed to bring users beyond the expected value of enjoyment, that is: others do not have, Auchan X5 standard;Others do not give, Auchan X5 standard;Others markup, auchan X5 standard.Oil gift power, love is not reduced.Seeing the rising oil price, in order to live up to every user’s love for Auchan X5, Auchan X5 has brought the preferential policy of “spending 60 million liters of oil to help the oil price return to the era of 7 yuan”. 5 major activities, 60 million liters of oil gift power, so that young users have no worries, enjoy love, rest assured to buy a car!Auchan X7PLUS, for confidence, no matter when, as another hot model of Changan Auchan Automobile, but also the first PLUS flagship product of Changan Auchan brand, Auchan X7PLUS has enjoyed soaring sales and reputation since its launch.In the face of this industry exam, it will also be a comprehensive advanced product force and full of sincere welfare, the interpretation of the popular when self-improvement confidence strength!The new nature aesthetic design, perceiving the beauty of nature.Auchan X7 PLUS adopts a new “new nature” aesthetic design to create a popular beautiful appearance and meet people’s higher pursuit of beauty in life.New generation blue whale power, can run and save.Auchan X7 PLUS is equipped with blue Whale new generation NE1.5T high pressure direct injection motor and blue Whale 7DCT wet dual clutch transmission. In addition to strong power performance, this engine also has an efficient fuel system, fuel saving performance is quite excellent, and can run and save, it is a must at home.Intelligent comprehensive advanced, convenient all the way to accompany.With the support of the whole scene OnStyle3.0+ intelligent vehicle control system, the intelligent configuration of auchan X7 PLUS is fully carried out, realizing more rapid and sensitive response, more humanized thinking interaction, safer intelligent driving and richer entertainment functions.One hundred thousand price, leapfrog enjoy.As a 100,000-class SUV, Auchan X7 PLUS has a high-value configuration of “5 industry-leading, 5 industry-leading, 5 daqo series standard configuration”, and is committed to bringing users value enjoyment beyond expectations.Refueling for confidence, popular not to let.In order to eliminate users’ concerns about car purchase, Auchan X7 PLUS also brings the activity discount of “spending 60 million liters of fuel to help the oil price return to the era of 7 yuan”. Five major activities, 60 million liters of fuel gift, fuel for confidence, so that every user can worry about buying a car, enjoy a better car life!60 million litres of oil filling, is the true house and to the consumer’s true love for a long time, changan auchan always adhere to the user as the center, dedicated to the practice of “providing customers with value, is the customer pay cost twice as much as” the ultimate value idea, except for the user to better products, to provide users with better service and more benefits.Rising oil prices, make the life of the car user of obstacles, also affects the user’s shopping desire, potential difficulties, auchan car insight into user pain points, resolutely launched “spent 60 million litres of oil filling, boost oil prices back to 7 yuan era” policy, make broad consumer and renewed to car life yearning.It has to be said that Auchan is really heroic this time, and it also reflects that Auchan is really considerate and caring for consumers.If you are still concerned about the oil price, when you are afraid to buy a car, Auchan’s 60 million liters of fuel compensation must be the only choice, and there are auchan X5, Auchan X7 PLUS two super value cars for you to choose, seize the good opportunity in April, enjoy the car now!5 major activities zero interest car purchase: the next order will enjoy up to 7000 yuan discount 50 thousand 36 zero interest.In-store red envelope gift: you can draw up to 88 yuan cash red envelope when you go to the store to see the car, 100% win the prize.Fuel gift for car booking: enjoy up to $4000 cash fuel card upon booking.10 million oil bonus: if you place your order, you will have the chance to win $10,000 cash oil bonus. The earlier you place your order, the more chance you will have.Test drive instant: to the store test drive value of 68 yuan gift.The event will run from April 8, 2022 to April 8, 2022