Handan no. 25 Rammed the responsibility of prevention and control, check leaks and fill gaps, protect the safety of all teachers and students

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In order to ensure campus safety, implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, improve the level of prevention and control, On April 3, Handan City no. 25 Middle School strictly from the point of view of comprehensive investigation and deployment, consolidate the responsibility of prevention and control, make up the weak links, protect the safety of all teachers and students, so that parents can rest assured, let the society rest assured.On April 3, Handan 25 middle school Principal Liu Junhai came to the front line, on-site office, overall arrangement of the school safety investigation work.Grade every office and in accordance with the requirements of the all-round, no dead Angle, no blind area, hidden perils in trawl the campus, especially in the classroom, office, functional, epidemic prevention and control facilities, campus electricity lines, fire control facilities, door and window glass, for warehouse focuses on areas such as inspection, and in the hidden details on the table.In the morning, the school also held a security investigation and epidemic prevention and control work.Each department, grade person in charge of the department one by one to report security problems.Fang Jianhua, director of the Office of Political Affairs and Education, checked and reported the epidemic prevention and control work against the list of supervision problems.Liu stressed: First, to improve the political position, strictly implement the epidemic prevention measures.The current epidemic situation is very serious, the school the staff to improve the political stance, epidemic prevention and control this alert, as the current epidemic prevention and control work the overriding political task, have the courage to bear, scientific prevention and control, overall consideration, strict organization, strict grasp real tight fine various epidemic prevention measures, to build a campus epidemic prevention barriers.The second is to strengthen hidden trouble investigation and problem rectification.Party members and cadres must sink down, go down, go to the front line, discover real problems, solve real problems, eliminate real hidden dangers.To firmly establish the “foolproof” and “lose ten thousand without” risk awareness, the investigation out of the security problems, the implementation of the sales system, complete a sales a.For those problems that need to be solved step by step, clear roadmap, timetable and phased goals should be made clear.Hidden trouble investigation ledger to clear the rectification measures, responsible person, rectification time, resolutely fill the school safety shortcomings, fill up.Safety responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai, campus safety is directly related to the safety of teachers and students, family happiness, social stability.In the future work, Handan city no. 25 middle school must be steel discipline, steel style, steel measures, build a solid campus safety and epidemic prevention defense, protect the health and safety of every teacher and student.