Did Zhuo Yun, who killed Meishan and drove Songlian mad, really win?

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Directed by Zhang Yimou, this “hottest” film, adapted from Su Tong’s “Wives and Concubines”, has won many foreign awards.Recently read the original work is very some feelings, to share with you.Songlian has no choice but to drop out of school. Her stepmother gives her two ways to work or get married.She chose to marry, marry a rich man, even if it is a concubine how, a woman in this life is not this thing.At that time, women were the appendages of men, and there was not much space for them to choose independently. Therefore, why not relax and not eat or drink? Songlian’s choice was very realistic.In semi-secrecy, songlian, 19, was carried into the Chen home by four bearers.The second day Chen family up and down just know Chen Zuoqian master married a four wife, Chen Zuoqian this year just fifty hang zero.Since song Lian enters Chen home this moment, the war between the woman that belongs to her started.Just into the Chen family songlian travel-ridden, to a group of servants for water to wash their face, the servant girl goose laughed at, Songlian snapped, the goose bears a grudge.The first thing I did was meet the other ladies.Yuan match big too yu such as, sanctimonious, although holding Buddha beads but no much kindness, in the face of the bride is more numb.Now, Yuru is just an old woman with better maintenance. Songlian sarcastically says, “She must be a hundred years old, so old.”The second wife’s appearance is gentle and comely, although it is difficult to hide the traces of time, because of the demeanor between hands and feet is not boring.But in fact, two too is only smiling, honeyed, merciless, but at this time Song Lotus know nothing about it.The third wife, Mei Shan, was born as a theatermaker. Chen loved to listen to operas, so she seized the opportunity to marry into a wealthy family.Meishan was proud of her sex and spoiled her, daring to love and hate, which made her master hate, fear and want her. In The words of Master Chen, “No woman can climb over a man’s head”.There is something subtle and charming about Songlian, but what Fascinates Chen more is songlian’s passion and agility in bed.He did not care whether Songlian was naturally so or flattering, but just enjoyed the result. His love for Songlian was noticed by all the people in Chen’s house.Wild goose was distributed to Song Lotus as a personal servant girl, because of the discord at the door, did not give her less.But Song Lotus can not be too cruel to her, because she had seen Chen Zuoqian once came into the door in the wild goose chest touched a, Song Lotus thought, otherwise the wild goose will not be so wild, even a small maid also know by that a strong their courage, women is this kind of thing.The cultured Songlian looked coldly at the struggle between the women in the house, and she disdained such intrigues.But the song Lotus all calm end in the goose’s curse villain, villain is goose do, but above “Song Lotus” two words she did not write, under the pressing that was two too Zhuo Yun.At this time to really tear two too hypocrisy, women do not see the smoke of war filled with song Lotus body, she can not place oneself outside.Chen master eldest son flies pu to return home, he is young and handsome and knowledgeable, be good at blowing xiao.Xiao was like a symbol of young love at that time. Her father once gave Songlian a xiao, but it was burned by Master Chen, who thought it was for men to play.Fei Pu and Song Lotus become attached to xiao, as bosom friend general, meet as ever, always afraid of the woman in the house fei Pu like song Lotus.But this kind of love is not enough to let him overcome the fear of women, Chen generation of men good female, to his line, even in the song Lotus, he still can’t.In the final analysis, fei Pu’s cowards is also a reason, from The song Lotus drunk play, fei Pu originally go here, turned a body, and go back, you can see that he was unable to resist the patriarchal era, this incestuous love is not allowed by the world.As Songlian herself said, “There is no one in the world to rely on.”Chen master is 50 years old, his body has been hollowed out by the woman, songlian did not wait for a few happy days, master can not.Master Chen heard that there was a way to do it, but Songlian could not accept it, too humiliated, master leaves, leaving a sentence: “when a whore also set up chastity memorial arch”, angry Songlian tears.She didn’t understand what a woman was, like a dog, a cat, a goldfish, a mouse, anything.It just doesn’t look human.When Songlian sees the paper with her blood drawn on it floating in the toilet, she knows that this is another jinx from Yan er. Anger burns her reason and she gives Yan er two choices: drive her out of Chen’s house or eat the paper.Wild goose do concubine dream has not come true, how could she go, endure disgrace eat papyre after serious illness, did not survive, died in the hospital, walk the sound of singing Lotus name.Chen master so things completely cold Song Lotus, said she Yin damage, bad reputation Chen.Songlian was always in a trance, thinking that wild geese were looking for her, but she was not afraid. It was good to die, and then she would be free.There was also the well of the Chens. An old footwoman said that several concubines had died in it. As for the reason, the Chens kept it secret, and the old woman whispered to her, “Fornication.As for whether he jumped by himself, who knows, it was later called “dead man’s Well”.Ever since she heard the news, Songlian’s mind had been strained. She dared not turn off the light. She always felt that the abandoned well in the darkness was going to devour her.Three too fornication doctor zhuo Yun caught adultery in bed, song Lotus for three too interceding, Chen master indifferent even with silk relaxed face, let her teeth cold.Early in the morning and at night, Songlian was woken up by the sound of footsteps, and she witnessed Meishan being thrown into the well. At this moment, the strings stretched in Songlian’s mind were completely broken, and she went crazy. In the people’s words, it was just a rabbit dying and a fox sad.The next spring, the fifth wife came in and saw a woman walking round and round the waste well, saying to the well, “I won’t jump, I won’t jump.”She said, don’t jump into the well.Conclusion: Songlian, a “new woman” of The Times, enters an old-style family and becomes a victim of old-style marriage. Her “new” doomed her tragic ending.She is well versed in jealousy and intrigue between women, and even “clever in bed” to win the favor of Chen Zuoqian.However, her pure temperament and forthright character could not save a concubine’s fate.There is no detailed description of Chen zuo-qian in the novel, and there is not even a straight face in the film, only a heavy and fuzzy figure.He is the supreme man in the house, women are around him, in the movie is more prominent this point, every evening, several wives are waiting at the door of the lantern bearer will hang lanterns in front of who, just like the emperor turns the sign.The decline of the Chen family also represents the end of the old decadent life.The women in the house where there is any winner, are the victims of the dregs of the old society.Did Zhuo Yun win?No, from the entry of Aunt Five, you can see that there is no end to the war between the women, get rid of Aunt Five, there are six aunt seven aunt, but the rivals have changed.All their lives of scheming and groveling to make his master laugh, all because there was nothing else in their lives but his master, and everything was tied to one man, and they were poor people.If you like tweets, don’t forget to like them!With pictures from the network, assault delete!