A century-old modern bus carriage was unveiled in Tianjin

2022-09-13 0 By

From the first tram in Tianjin — white brand tram to the new energy car shuttling in the streets and lanes today, boarding the 619 bus carriage, a hundred years of tianjin bus history is concentrated here.On April 7th, the second Passenger Transport Co., Ltd. of Tianjin Public Transport Group unveiled the first batch of “100-year history and modern bus” themed carriages. Passengers can recall and explore the story of Tianjin public transport and urban development.Every city has its own memory, and the buses shuttling through the streets are the faithful record of the memory of Jincheng.Stepping into the first batch of “Century-old modern Bus” themed carriages on 619 Road, the first thing you see is the theme exhibition area with light blue color as the main color. The handrail pulls illustrate the transition process from white trolley to new energy vehicle with illustrations. The background is accompanied by the silhouettes of tianjin landmark buildings such as Jiefang Bridge, Tian Pagoda and Quanye Chang.The theme carriage takes the Windows on both sides as the carrier and the image data as the line to string the history of the development of Tianjin public transport for more than one hundred years.In addition, the reporter found that the theme carriage opened a special area at the top of the side window, passengers can look up to read the serial novel “Old City Rut” written in the perspective of the bus people.Learned, as a carrier of urban mobility propaganda, the theme of the appearance car early in via tianjin culture center, five avenue, department store, 619, bac ninh park sites such as starting, the follow-up will also be in 1 road, 954 road via binjiang avenue, dinan food market, tourism scenic spots, such as sea transport hub bus routes.(Reporter Su Xiaomei, photographer Zhang Lei)