2022 pet double | chery service day: April Exclusive major credit

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With the domestic self-owned brand car “inside roll” increasingly serious, technology and service both grasp and both hands to be hard, so as to outstanding encircling.Chery, which has carved “customer first” into its DNA, has launched customized “service days” since 2022.April is coming, Chery is presenting exclusive service for you again with full sincerity. Please come to the surprise of this month.In the spring of courtesy Maintain safe on April 8, 2022, by the user Tmall “chery spare parts quality official flagship store” or “chery car owners club – my welfare – integral mall to participate the 0.1 yuan / 1 integral value 50 yuan” in the spring to maintain vouchers “, train maintenance vehicles within the validity period of the vouchers, and at the same time there is oil, machine filter outbound,You can deduct the value of the coupon as cash.The service concept of “Chery service, for you” has been perfectly interpreted by Chery after-sales service with a series of practical actions. The warm care and increasingly intimate service have gradually captured the hearts of more users.As a Chery owner, you can not only own a reliable car, but also be “held in the hand” by Chery, and get fresh feeling in every issue of service day activities!Techno-chery is more intimate.Over the years, Chery has been standing in the position of users, thinking about what users need, thinking about what users think, and satisfying users’ spiritual demands in car use scenes with more tender service concepts.So that users can truly feel the care, heart and temperature of Chery in every service day.Regardless of the changes in the industry, chery people always provide all-round upgrading of users’ car experience by virtue of the down-to-earth and tenacious spirit of “men of science and technology”. In terms of after-sales service, Chery is constantly extending the boundary of customer service and narrowing the distance with users with a variety of heart-warming services and offline activities.It is believed that Chery will remain true to its original aspiration in the future, carry out the warm service, and make Chery after-sales become a “happy planet” for the majority of users.