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The spirit of unity, courage and never give up of women’s football is in line with the Olympic spirit, and will inspire the winter Olympic athletes to persevere in their dreams.The Chinese team celebrates at the medal ceremony on February 6, 2022.China beat South Korea 3-2 in the final of the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup in Mumbai, India.Photo/Xinhua Beijing News Editorial 3:2 big upset!China overcame South Korea in injury time to win the Asian Women’s Cup for the first time in 16 years on Sunday night.Returning to the top of Asia’s sonorous rose, now glorious bloom again!Instantly swept the screen of jubilation, but also for this winter Olympics night, add more luster.As China trailed 2-0 to South Korea in the first half of the final that night, many fans encouraged the Chinese girls online, expressing their acceptance of the possible defeat.China was exhausted after losing to Japan on penalties, while South Korea easily beat the Philippines in the semifinal, and its key players even got a break after half time.South Korea was clearly the better prepared and dominant team.However, “you can always trust The Chinese women’s football team”, in coach Shui Qingxia, this is never an empty word.When the fans were ready to give up, the coach and players of the Chinese women’s football team didn’t give up, they still believed they could win.After two goals in five minutes, everyone was convinced that the “spirit of women’s football” was not only alive, but at work again.In the final stage of the game, China regained the advantage, while South Korea made a series of mistakes.But fate again tested China as South Korea had two “must-score” chances in the 92nd minute.China’s Tang Jiali (second from right) dribbles the ball during a match in Beijing, Feb 6, 2022.We have to praise the goalkeeper and defender of The Chinese team.The goalkeeper saved South Korea’s point-blank shot and the defender made a fine stop on the rebound.Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and prepared for an even tougher overtime, except for the Chinese women’s football girls, who did not want to give up a minute and clinched the Champions League in the final stages of the match.Like the previous defense, it was a team effort.After this beautiful goal by China.The South Korean coach, who has been on the sidelines, clearly knows that this tournament is over.In fact, the knockout stage of this Asian Women’s Football Cup seems to be a deliberate test for The Chinese women’s football team.The Vietnamese team and the Japanese team, are the first to lose the ball;This time, he conceded two goals against Korea.It seems that they want to give The Chinese women’s football team a chance to prove themselves. How difficult it was before, how beautiful the roses will be.It is a miracle for a team to come back from defeat for two consecutive games against a strong opponent.But only the girls in the Chinese women’s soccer team know how hard it is.”Never give up” is not easy.Facing the Japanese team, two Chinese team members cramp;In the face of South Korea, Miss Tang showed signs of physical fatigue early.But all they had to do was grit their teeth and stick it out until the end — even if they couldn’t relax for a few minutes.Chinese players celebrate a goal during a match in Beijing, Feb 6, 2022.Compared with this toughness, the team’s unity is even more impressive.People praised the coach Shui Qingxia wang Shanshan from the forward into a defender’s masterpiece, but did not know that in fact the Chinese team has a great concern for the back defense.Not only did Wang score five goals and win the Most Valuable Player award, she was also the backbone of the Chinese defense — everyone gave their all and believed in their teammates.Wang Shuang, the top star of China’s women’s soccer team, played with an injury in the final, but was defended by South Korea. She was replaced without complaint or frustration, trotting off the court, high-fiving her teammates and fighting for every second.In this team, no one is exceptional, everyone supports everyone, and it’s a true team.Compared with the best teams in the world, maybe there is still a gap, but The Chinese women’s football team has blossomed again at the top of Asia, and also stood at a new starting point.The Chinese women’s soccer team has found the spirit of the king that has long been lost, which is never giving up, believing in themselves and attacking to the last moment.The real “believe”, is never give up in despair, even if the whole world is bleak, still want to bloom self.On this night, The Chinese women’s football team inspired everyone, which is the charm of sports.Beating Japan and South Korea in succession, the Chinese women’s football team’s indomitable spirit is also a real competitive spirit.The Chinese women’s football team’s spirit of unity, courage and never giving up is in line with the Olympic spirit. It will inspire the ice and snow athletes who are competing bravely in the Beijing Winter Olympics to persevere in their dreams.Edit | He Rui proofing | janin