What is the difference between civil servant and institution after all?How to choose?

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Students will often be entangled in the process of taking an exam, after all sign up for an institution exam or a civil servant exam?In fact, the difference and connection between the two is that we need to understand and pay attention to, after several major exams to open a new recruitment agenda, today we will focus on understanding some differences between public institutions and civil servants.Job Content Civil servants are the staff of the working departments of the national government and have the power of administrative law enforcement.Public institutions are service units, usually do not have the power of administrative law enforcement, which is the biggest difference between public institutions and civil servants.Therefore, civil service work is slightly more stressful than public institution work.Promotion channels Civil servants are promoted by different levels, usually from section level, division level, bureau level to ministry level.Officeholder consults officeholder law to undertake assessment selection, do not sign labor contract.And the establishment of the business is a professional title, promotion channels are generally from the primary, intermediate workers to senior workers, posts are generally divided into management posts and technical posts, and employers need to sign a labor contract.The salary income of civil servants is issued in accordance with the regulations on the Administration of State Civil Servants, and the capital is transferred according to the state financial situation. The insurance benefits enjoyed by civil servants are implemented in accordance with the regulations on the Administration of State Civil Servants.The salary income of institution personnel does not get national agreement commonly, decide according to market condition by each institution, the insurance welfare that institution personnel enjoys is concerned social security regulation carries out according to the country.Should say: with post with seniority circumstance below civil servant work out income wants a few higher than undertaking work out.The establishment of civil servants is the official staff working in the unit, whose salaries are entirely provided by finance.The wages and salaries of an institution shall be wholly or partly supplied by the finance or collected and financed by itself.The wage form of public institution has three kinds: one kind is full reference civil servant treatment, full financial appropriation, like forestry bureau.One is the difference, give a percentage point, and then their units give you a percentage point, like public hospitals.Still have a kind namely just work out, no matter salary, give policy only.Generally speaking, the salary structure of public institutions is different from that of civil servants.In the establishment of the civil service examination after recruitment civil service establishment;Institution after examinations are institutions establishment, must attend officeholder exam and after being hired, may to the establishment of the civil service by 5 enrollment difference of all civil servants are through civil service examinations into (including the institution of civil servants), business unit enrollment is not recruitment of civil servants, enrollment, mainly for families, to teach, wen, who, transportation system,There are still some specific restrictions when registering for an examination.If enter oneself for an examination of teacher, need teacher qualification certificate, enter oneself for an examination of hospital, need doctor qualification certificate and so on.Organization and Implementation of written examination The organization and implementation of written examination for civil servant examination is the department of civil servant administration of the Ministry of Personnel and the personnel examination centers under the departments of personnel of each province or city (public institutions, examination centers are public service institutions that set questions and organize registration and examination);The organization and implementation of written examination of public institutions most of the provincial, level and prefecture-level city personnel bureau of the personnel examination center (public institutions, test center propositions and organization registration, examination and submit the employing units score list, some units of their own propositions organization and implementation.From the current examination situation, the civil service examination is difficult (difficult questions do not mean that it is difficult to take the examination, the difficulty is only because of the number of applicants must increase the examination distinction);The examinations for public institutions are easier (just because the questions are simple does not mean they are easy to take, as there are relatively few applicants for each particular examination).Public institutions are also likely to continue to increase the difficulty of the examination, even on par with civil servants.The competition for the civil service examination is twice as much as that in public institutions. More people choose to apply for the civil service examination due to various factors, so the competition pressure in public institutions is less.