What gift does a warrior have?Green: I want four players in the dunk contest!

2022-09-12 0 By

As we all know, the Warriors’ genius has always been shooting!But in green’s interview, he mentioned that he had asked four players to participate in the dunk contest!The warriors’ popularity may have nothing to do with their talent!Before Wiggins arrived, their most athletic player was McGee.The Warriors hold some strange records: the personal average of 4.2 kilometers per game, 158,000 kilometers per year;Season record for assists, 5.1 points per game for setter…It seems that none of them have anything to do with talent!But after this season, Green can tell the league that the Warriors are the most talented team, at least at the dunk level.”I asked three players to participate in the All-Star dunk contest,” Green said.”But Wiggins is like an old man. He told me…Emm Dre, I am not well enough to participate in this kind of competition.”Anyway, when will the fans get to see Wiggins do something?In the gym, or during the warm-up for some games, turn around for a 360-degree dunk and switch hands behind your back.As for Warriors rookie Kminga, Green also reached out to him to participate, perhaps benefiting from Wiggins’ education: “I jump very high, but I’m not very good at dunking, I’m slow to learn some moves, I need to spend time practicing something else.”How good is Kunminga at dunking?Helpless to run in place to jump off the battlefield axe, understand?Even Wiggins said god gave him the talent to destroy the rim.In addition, Green also contacted Payton to participate in the dunk contest, payton declined, saying that he does not know some of the dunk tricks, and will not participate in the last game because of a minor injury from a collision.Finally, Green persuaded Juan to join the Warriors dunk team and send Juan to the dunk contest.He shot 58 percent from the field and 40.2 percent from 3-point range last season.