The year of the Tiger begins with a rural tour

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Zhoushan network (Palm Still Zhoushan) news (Zhoushan Daily reporter Liu Yile) joyfully over the New Year, bustling degree of spring.Despite the bleak weather on The first day of the Chinese New Year yesterday, residents went out into the countryside to experience the joy of the New Year.In the morning, putuo Duck east line cars come and go.Looking for the joyful and vigorous music, our car stopped at the gate of Maoganshi ‘ao, and the reporter saw that most of the citizens with a family, or parent-child, couples partner, went straight to the Bird Garden.Birds garden, karting, swing, net red bridge, slide and other rich and colorful entertainment, happy sound one after another;Sika deer, ostrich, black swan and other animals seem to feel the joy of the New Year, not shy, competing with people to interact, very harmonious.A child holding corn and carrots, slightly forward, the alpaca will poke its head out, eating with relish, children’s palms with itchy, also laugh.Mr. Yu, a citizen, arranged a day’s journey for a family, and set out from Zhu Jiajian at more than 8 o ‘clock.”In the past, my family and I used to go outside to see different scenery during the Spring Festival. In the recent two years, WE took our children to walk around the neighborhood and found many interesting places in Zhoushan.”Mr. Yu said, “The Spring Festival is a time for family reunion, so I will spend a good time with my family. After the visit to the Birds Garden, I plan to take my family to see a movie in the afternoon.””To enrich tourists’ experience and let them enjoy the joy of the Spring Festival, we added interactive experiences such as alpaca and sika deer.”Bird garden related person in charge.Continue to drive along luotang line to donggang, the Zhenlong · Qingshi Holiday village park in the vast mountains and seas comes into view.The manor house was decked out and opened for visitors.”At present, the resort is still in the soft opening, the booking is very hot, especially the third day of the Chinese New Year, has been fully booked,” the resort official told reporters.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: