The weather in Zhengzhou is fine today. During the Spring Festival holiday, rain and snow disturb our province twice.

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During the Spring Festival holiday, most of our province will be sunny or cloudy, and the highest temperature is expected to be between 5-7℃.Due to rain and snow, the highest temperature in southeast China will drop significantly.It is expected that most of the weather in our province will be sunny or cloudy before February 5th, with little temperature fluctuation, but the chill in the morning and evening will not decrease.Zhengzhou Weather today Zhengzhou Weather on February 1, 2022 06: Today day: cloudy sunny tonight: cloudy cloudy day Northeast wind to west wind: 2-3 highest temperature: 4 ~ 5℃ Minimum temperature: -2 ~ -1℃ Tomorrow day: cloudy cloudy day two rain and snow process the first round of rain and snow: time period: February 1 -3;In the night and day of February 1, scattered light snow or sleet will fall in the west and south of China.2. Light snow or sleet in parts of the southwest and south;The west and south will see light snow or sleet on Wednesday.The second round of rain and snow: a wide range of rain and snow in the province is expected to kick off in the 5th day and night.On June 6, most areas south of the Yellow River will see moderate to heavy snow.Other areas have light snow.Affected by the cold air, the northerly wind in most parts of the province was about Level 4, and the highest temperature dropped by 6 to 8 degrees.The sixth day of the fifth day is the peak time for the return journey. Please pay attention to planning your journey properly and driving carefully to prevent the adverse impact of slippery and icy roads on your journey.(WYP Comprehensive Zhengzhou meteorological, Henan Meteorological)