Prose poetry: April, through the fragrance of flowers to write poetry

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April, through the fragrance of flowers to write a poem. I just want to spend one spring, and the sky is blue with you.The sun is warm.Everything is bright and beautiful.Flowers are in full bloom.Just want to send a spring, to you!But smell the flowers.Don’t say sad or happy.Drink tea and write poems.Seize the day, seize the hour.Just want to share a spring, and you!2 time, occasionally beached by years arch bridge flower creek.Reed of bluestone.Clear water green ripples.Prosperity in times of adversity.Time, occasionally stranded by years.Turns out to be a different kind of beauty!Zhong Chun Ying ying.In the wild flowers.Butterflies flutter.Bees buzz.Time, the occasional lyric years.Must be another vigorous and prosperous!3 through time, through the fragrance of flowers spring meandering.The pool is a thousand feet.Warm words drunk branch.The flowers are fragrant.Let us pass through time, through the fragrance of flowers!A bird sings to you.Clouds send dreams all the way.The forest hides the fragrance of spring.Flowers attract lovesickness.Let us pass through time, through the fragrance of flowers!A foot into April, how a lang Lang beautiful sunny day, how all things bright and clear.In April, the sun is just right and the breeze is quiet.In April, the warblers are singing and the clouds are dreaming.In April, the trees are dark green and the flowers are young fruit.April, clear spring stone, the moon pine.In April, the flowers are still the flowers, the vegetation is still the vegetation, but the mood is not the same mood.Is caper, is joyful, is happy, is suddenly.If that’s not enough to describe your mood, or to make you feel better.Might as well, place yourself among the vegetation, hold your breath, zero feelings, restore the original heart.Or, linxi holding a book, a cup of warm tea, poetry falls in the countryside, between the words of affection.?