Newcastle are happy!Six relegation rivals lost points at the same time, Newcastle are expected to avoid relegation!

2022-09-12 0 By

In many fans’ minds, Newcastle are the premier League’s next big club, after all, they have new owners, and the new owners are very rich, and it is only a matter of time before the club rises to the top.However, Newcastle’s rise is in the future and their priority now is to avoid relegation.Newcastle fans were delighted to see their six rivals drop points and move out of the relegation zone in the 24th round of the barclays Premier League, so why not?Currently, seven teams in the Premier League are most likely to be relegated: Everton, Leeds united, Newcastle, Norwich, Brentford, Burnley and Watford.This round of premier League, except Newcastle, all the other teams lost points.Newcastle held relegation rivals Everton 3-1 at home before Norwich drew with Crystal Palace, Burnley with Manchester United and Leeds with Aston Villa.Brentford and Watford both lost, lifting Newcastle out of the relegation zone and fourth from bottom.After the end of this round of matches, the trend of premier League relegation is completely different.Brentford 23 from 24, Leeds 23 from 22, Everton 19 from 21, Newcastle 18 from 22, Norwich 17 from 23, Watford 15 from 22 and Burnley 14 from 20.According to the statistics, Newcastle’s chances of avoiding relegation are high.Newcastle have other advantages as well. They are the strongest team in the league and their form has improved in the last four games, which is their biggest advantage.It’s a very important season for Newcastle and if they can avoid relegation this season they can start rebuilding again next season.If Newcastle do not survive relegation this season, it could be years before the club can really start rebuilding.And Newcastle finish relegation, certainly many big clubs do not want to see, but many small teams may not care oh, after all, Newcastle want to rise, buy people, then they can sell players to Newcastle!