Network in China, Spring Festival | FeiXi “indoor play guide”, even if the snow can also wave

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The first heavy snow of the Year of the Tiger came to Feixi with cold wind and freezing rain.However the swirl of snow, cold weather, can prevent us from going out to play?Of course not!Feixi also has these indoor attractions, so that you can not be affected by any weather, still have a happy weekend!Liu Mingchuan Memorial Hall Liu Mingchuan Memorial Hall is located in Qiming Community, Mingchuan Township, Feixi County, covering an area of 31 mu, a total of 3 floors, building area of about 6,225 square meters.Liu Mingchuan memorial hall in the geographical environment, design elements of innovation, subtly show the life of Liu Mingchuan.The memorial hall is surrounded by mountains on three sides, northeast of hongqi Reservoir, and the golden River flows through the northwest corner of liu Mingchuan’s former residence memorial hall;The south side of the mountain, a layer, two layers according to the small hills half embedded mountain.The overall construction of the memorial hall conforms to the ecological system and mountain features of the architectural form, leading mountains and water, and the surrounding environment echo, to achieve the artistic conception of architecture and landscape space against each other.Liu Mingchuan memorial hall is feixi landmark building, spare time, it is better to let us walk into Liu Mingchuan memorial Hall, zero distance to understand this great man’s deeds, learning jianghuai children’s hard work spirit and patriotic spirit!Sanhe ancient town is a battle for war since ancient times, is a famous ancient battlefield, sanhe war hall was built in Feixi County Sanhe town east street wannian Taiwan opposite.The Pavilion was rebuilt on the basis of the taiping Heavenly Kingdom’s headquarters in the late Qing Dynasty. The pavilion imitates the traditional landscape architecture. The wall outside the pavilion is magnificent, and the large characters in gold lacquer are solemn and solemn.The exhibition hall is composed of four parts: “Preface Hall”, “Battlefield Heroes”, “War guarding the Storm” and “History Book Comments”. The highlight of the exhibition hall is made by using sound, light and electricity technologies to reproduce the war scenes of the Three Rivers War.A section of historical text, a picture of a person, a scene of sound film, vividly, shocking, the three Rivers War cloud museum will go into every visitor are pulled into that long history.National Fitness Center national fitness Center is located in feixi county scenic Lijing Lake southeast, northwest of the Sports road.It covers an area of 38270 square meters, with one underground layer and four floors above ground.The national Fitness Center building is equipped with multi-functional venues for basketball, badminton, handball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, taekwondo, aerobics, martial arts, yoga and other sports, enough to meet the differentiated fitness needs of citizens.The swimming area on the east side of the first floor of the National Fitness Center building is equipped with a 50m × 25m standard indoor swimming pool.On the west side are children’s swimming pool, dressing room and shower room;The second floor is the fitness area, and the layout of fitness, dressing and other functional areas;On the east side of the third floor, basketball, badminton, handball, volleyball, tennis and other games can be held, and a landscape leisure space is set up. On the west side, there is a table tennis activity area, and in the middle, there is a landscape inner courtyard.The fourth floor has a billiard room, martial arts, taekwondo, aerobics dance, yoga and other functions.In cold winter, you should exercise and let air conditioning melt into hot sweat. Enjoy the vitality and happiness brought by sports.Although the weather is cold, the pursuit of happiness can not stop.Don’t waste your time lying in bed, grab a bunch of friends and go have fun