Make history, Gu Ailing champion!Congratulations from the General Administration of Sport of China!

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The winner, Gu Ailing of China!Gu Ailing of China won her third gold medal of the 2018 Winter Olympics by winning the freestyle platform final on February 8.Gu Scored 93.75 points in the first dive with a two-week off axis twist of 1440, leaving her behind France’s Tess Ludd with 1620.In the second dive, Gu used a 1080 double grab board with two left turns and scored 88.50 points, ranking third.On the third jump, Gu went beyond her limit and made 1620 tackles that she had never tried before, scoring 94.50 points!The perfect jump allowed Gu to reverse the total score and overtake the first place in the rankings.After landing safely, Gu burst into tears of joy.It is understood that Gu Ailing only trained for this event for more than a year, and in the final, she won the highest score with her difficult movements.After the match, Gu said: “This is the happiest day and the happiest second of my life!On the last jump, I did something I had never done before. I wanted to do my best and show the world what I can do!”International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach and Gu Ailing fist bump celebration.In addition, after Gu Ailing won the gold medal, the Winter Sports Center of the General Administration of Sport of China sent a congratulatory letter: this is the debut of Chinese athletes in the Final of the Winter Olympics after the freestyle ski big jump was listed as an official event in this Winter Olympics.First show to win gold, future!Winter Sports Center of General Administration of Sports He Xin National Freestyle Skiing Big Jump and Slopestyle Team:Winter Olympic Games in Beijing on February 8, freestyle skiing big platform game, for the first time to participate in Olympics GuAiLing play well, the final victory, with 188.25 points for the Chinese sports delegation added a gold medal, this is freestyle skiing big platform was classified as official event in the Olympics, Chinese athletes in the Olympic final debut.First show to win gold, future!It is hoped that the freestyle ski big jump and slopestyle slopestyle team will make persistent efforts, continue to do a good job in the preparation of slopestyle slopestyle event, achieve a double harvest of sports achievements and spiritual civilization, strive for greater glory for the Party and the people, and make greater contributions to realize the dream of sports power!It is worth mentioning that gu ai Ling’s main event is not the big jump of freestyle skiing. She also has halfpipe and slopestyle competitions after that.Bless Gu Ailing in the following match play smoothly!■ Comprehensive sources: CCTV News, People’s Daily, the Paper, Global Times, China News Service, Winter Sports Management Center of General Administration of Sport of China, etc. ■ Compiled by Zhu Lina