Life, do not complain, do not hate, do not insist, fate

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The world is not perfect, there is always regret in life, not every story, there is an end.In our life, we meet countless people, meet a lot of people, know a few people;Can accompany us to walk a journey, a lot of people;There are only a handful of people who can accompany us for a lifetime.In this world, there is no life without injury, there is no life without regret, life, and then hard to go on;Life, and then difficult to support the past, not every cry, someone will coax;Not every pain, there will be someone distressed, in the earth’s confusion, all right and wrong, look light, because we do not have the ability to call the wind and rain, no ability to reverse the universe, so, there must be a mind to see light wind and cloud.Stand tall to see far, see light to put down, bear too much, will live very tired, put down the fate is free, do not easily love, do not easily hate, calm in the heart, life at ease.Life, do not complain, do not hate, do not insist, fate, not for others, only for their own.In life, there should be no complaints.Buddha said: bodhi this have no tree, mirror is not Taiwan, originally have no things, where to provoke dust.Life, come to be safe, to be experienced, love will have no regrets, do will have no regrets, what is good to complain about, complain and what is the use?Blame heaven, blame, blame others, blame yourself, the result and how?Still have to live, life has to continue, no matter how hard life, to bear alone, their life nowhere to escape, no one can complain, complain about others, unable to change the final reality, we can only use most willing attitude, a happy-go-lucky life;Looking to others will eventually let us down, because our own life can not be replaced by others.In the face of an unpleasant life, we let complaints continue to write endless sadness, so one day, we can only pass away in the endless bitterness, you know, do not complain of life, the heart can be quiet, the world can be quiet.Don’t complain about life, live every day, is our blessing, should be cherished;Don’t complain about life, everyone’s life is a unique experience, contentment, put down the troubles, not confused in the troubles, the party is happy!Don’t complain about love, the earth is full of confusing and disquieting, quarrel quarrel quarrel quarrel, love hate enmity, need not investigate who is right who is wrong, forgive the person who hurt you, and for their own love, on the contrary, hate a person, is a kind of self-torture, be hated people can not understand your feelings, but you let yourself infinite pain.In this world, there is nothing that can not be put down, when leaving, everything is not yours, do not put also have to put, do not give up also have to give up, all non-enmity, love and hate, will finally disappear, why to complain!Life, there should be no hate.The people who are hated have no pain, but the people who hate people are scarred.Life is short, to be happy to spend, hate, can not change the status quo of anything, but will fetter a person’s life, hate more, happiness is gone, the shadow of hate will cover his heart, never happy;To be a man, we should know how to give up and take, throw away unnecessary persistence and unnecessary resentment.Miss the flowers, we can still enjoy the flowers;If we miss the tide, we can wait for it to ebb.Lose at the same time, we are also in gain, lost old love, new love to meet;Lost yesterday, today can come, if we regret for a loss of life, so we will eventually lose more beautiful.How wide is the mind, heart, life is good, we need to do a little comfort, no matter when, should learn to let himself down slowly, forgive, tolerance, cherish, put down the trouble, manage your own life, and your mood, let the mood light, let the heart are calm, in the face of the wind to rain, changing, supercilious, no hurry not rashness, calm,Treat their gains and losses with a normal heart.Life should learn to realize gains and losses, learn to let go, the party does not regret the original heart is like a dream, and live in pain, as a smile to let go, lost and not hate, is to let go, is life.People live, in order to be at ease.Life on the road, some people, know on the line, without deep friendship;Some things, laugh off, do not have to be serious;Is your love, will stay for you;Not your love, pay more is a waste, life is precious, do not waste, understand your people need not explain, do not know your people explain useless, do not put too many people, please into life, alive, is a map at ease with fate, demanding, no practical significance!A read down, all comfortable, the past smoke, do not complain, do not hate, indifferent to everything, the wind and rain of life, every step counts.People who don’t fight, easy to live, content, see thoroughly, life, you should know yourself clearly, have a clear conscience, the put down, do your duty, don’t hate, don’t complain, don’t insist;To know, complaining about the past, entangling the past, forcing others to love, are embarrassing others, humiliate their own things.Life is not easy, to try to follow the fate, follow the heart live, hard, diligent, kind, warm;Living every day, we must walk, while realizing, gain and loss do not care about, love and love do not force, and you have no people and things, to know how to let go, looking forward to the next bloom;What is destined to be with you is destined to belong to you. You will not miss it.Relax the heart, don’t think too much, everything with fate, let nature take its course.Image from Internet