Known as the “king of camellia”, it has a high level of appearance, strong fragrance, long flowering period and full of advanced sense

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My friends, do you have flowers like mine?I believe there are a lot of friends will say their home also raised flowers, there must be friends will say he also raised a lot of flowers, flowers more and more become our Chinese “national hobby”, the people raised not only the old, there are middle-aged people, even many young people love to grow flowers.In now looks like flower has become a new fashion in today’s society, flowers, flowers are, in many parts of the city in our country every year with specific flowers conference, to spend playing at the meeting is quite much, in some places even relying on the local characteristics of flower appreciation activities energetically developed flowers sightseeing tourism, it is said that the economic benefit is also quite good.In our life, green plants and colorful beautiful flowers have become an indispensable role in our life. It is because of their existence that our life can be more colorful.As a country of love of flowers, China’s flowers in the grand View garden can be described as the best overlapping, treasures in large numbers.Recently I saw a camellia called Kremmer peony is very popular.Native Chinese is certainly knew that camellia is one of our few big flowers, camellia in one thousand with its unique charm let many people indulge, many literary people also wrote articles to praise it, believe that love study of ancient literature friends should have met the ancients praise the work of camellia.Ancient literati taste how high, do not need I am here to do more, than you must be know a thing or two, even the ancients value of camellia, I believe we estimate will enjoy modern, big peony camellia, ink very perfectly in ancient China camellia inherited the advantages of down, on its body, camellia germplasm that light and the characteristics of take in everything in a glance.As an old gardener, believe in our side must have a lot of people say is worthy peony “kao”, the beauty of peony continues under the ancients praise from ancient to today, we still have a lot of peony fan now, at times, flowers in appearance level with peony flowers, more cynical than this, the ink big peony camellia.Big tree peony, camellia, ink look at its name is indeed some trival, estimates that some friends will think the flower named long must be flower make stunt, in order to attract the attention of consumers, and in fact this name is not florist to deceive people, it the name is so long, or related to the characteristics of it.First of all, let’s talk about why it has the accent of a foreign flower in front of the name of our popular camellia in China.Those who know about Kraymer’s big peony camellia already know the reason.In fact, although Kremmer peony camellia has a long history in China, but if we really trace back to the source, we will find that this flower is really not the original Camellia in China.Kremmer peony was brought back to China by a very talented florist many years ago by chance. Its hometown is in America, which is thousands of miles away from China, so it is an exotic flower species for China.Now that we know why it has “Cremer” in its name, let’s take a look at what it does with “big Peony”.Speaking of peony, your first impression is not “magnificent”, “riches and honour”?In Chinese, there is a word called “hua GUI GUI”, which refers to the peony flower, peony is how expensive gas, you must understand.Of peony expensive gas, we apply the ink big peony camellia, too, don’t lose in it in color with red flowers, but to be fair we of ink big red more bright than peony, peony camellia give the feeling of people, and even the peony has the unique pattern structure, also has a big peony camellia, ink.The flowers of Kruimu peony camellia are mixed and soft, and the color is even and shiny. Each petal is textured, smooth and soft. The size of each petal is also very grand, and stacked layer upon layer together is full of beauty, which is even more beautiful than the silk flowers worn by women in the Tang Dynasty.Kremmer peony camellia is true camellia, but it does not have as much trouble to raise other camellia, as long as the soil is planted for it, through the early stage of the most prone to apoptosis, the flower seedlings survive, and then basically as long as you water it on time, free to give it some fertilizer, it can grow very prosperous and beautiful.Friends who want to plant can click the link of commodity card below to buy!Our shop during the event price concessions!This shop true bag version!Package mail package alive!