How is the “Venue Code” implemented?The reporter takes you on an undercover tour

2022-09-12 0 By

Rednet moment Zhangjiajie on March 24 (Reporter Tian Hongpan of Wulingyuan District Media Center) Since the comprehensive promotion and use of “Hunan residents health code site code”, wulingyuan District “site code” implementation situation?With these questions in mind, on March 23, the reporter went to shops, residential communities, farmers’ markets, supermarkets, scenic spots, Party and government offices, enterprises and public institutions and other places to conduct unannounced visits. It was found that most places had adopted “place code” online, and epidemic prevention measures such as “scanning code, temperature measurement and wearing masks” had been put in place.However, some places do not arrange special personnel on duty and the use of “location code” is not good.The reporter randomly visited shops, supermarkets, ticket stations, Party and government offices, enterprises and public institutions and other places, and found that the prevention and control measures have been strictly implemented in these places. Signs such as “venue code” and “Please wear masks when entering” have been posted prominently at the entrance.Speakers are also hung at the door of the farmers’ market and some shops, and the voice prompts such as “enter the personnel to take the initiative to scan the ‘place code’, wear masks, and measure their temperature” are played in a loop to remind the personnel to take the initiative to scan the code and confirm the green code is correct before entering.In a large supermarket, the reporter found that the entrance placed a water sign, posted above the “place code”, and arranged a person on duty, to remind the customers into the supermarket to sweep the “place code”.At the same time, for some elderly people who do not use smart phones and cannot scan codes, the staff on duty took temperature measurements and manually registered them, bridging the digital “gap” with refined services.The reporter saw at the scene that the citizens who entered the supermarket could take the initiative to scan the code, and the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control measures was good.However, in some residential areas, the reporter found that although the “place code” was posted at the gate of the residential area, the epidemic prevention and control measures of scanning the code before entering the area were not strictly implemented. Vehicles and residents of the residential area were directly entering the area, and there was no requirement to scan the “place code”.Epidemic prevention and control is everyone’s responsibility.We hereby call on the general public and businesses to keep the strings of epidemic prevention and control tight at all times, do not neglect, actively cooperate, earnestly implement various epidemic prevention measures, and contribute to precise prevention and control.