Did Zhao Guangyi occupy the throne with an axe?

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I really admire those people who have extraordinary imagination.No matter how bloody, how brutal an act, they can give it a poetic name, make everything beautiful and poetic all at once.As the SS prepared to smash up all the Jewish shops in Germany, they gave the night a very poetic name, kristallnacht.Hitler must have given it that name, because he was a painter.In 1998, when U.S. forces prepared to challenge the saddam do some clean up, let him know that he is a few of the two, they give the action of a lightweight name, call it “the desert fox”, which means that the hunter went for a hunting trip, was also, iraqis doesn’t even have a U.S. MAO saw it, had been smashed up.Desert Fox operation “axe sound candle shadow”, I don’t know who gave that night such a poetic name, kidding me!!The long-latent conflict between Zhao Kuangyin and Zhao Guangyi brothers was not solved on that night, but it was completely ended.I was thinking, Zhao Kuangyin was the one who created taizu Changquan, and it was created in shaolin Temple, Shaolin Temple!You dare to knock on that monk’s bald head, I see you want to loosen muscles and bones!Zhao Guangyi, a scholar of small stature, dare he fight with his brother?But a surprise attack is hard to say, especially if Taizu is old and sick!Took an iron axe and hit my brother over the head when he wasn’t looking.That’s a real man, and it’s his own brother. How could he do that?But in order to grab the most attractive thing in the world, I don’t know!Taizu Zhao Kuangyin and Zhao Kuangyi are brothers, this is nonsense!However, after the elder brother became the emperor, the younger brother could not be called Kuangyi, and had to avoid the taboo of jun father.You said all brothers, how come so much attention!Alas, the etiquette should not be disorderly!So, kuangyi becomes light meaning.Once intimate brother, because the emperor this identity, all of a sudden had the distinction of respect and inferiority, the minister is the minister forever, the monarch is the monarch forever!I think the scars that this creates in a person’s heart can never be healed, especially between two friends who were once very close, even in the feudal society a thousand years ago.Zhao Kuangyin must have noticed a subtle change in his brother’s face, a tinge of awe and disappointment mixed with his former sincerity, and perhaps trickery.So he wanted to appease his brothers, hoping that they would still be like before: “Brothers as one, its strength is broken gold!”As long as I can safely guard the duty of an emperor!A person sitting on the throne, this idea is very stupid, it will lead to disaster for themselves, killing disaster, endanger the safety of their children and grandchildren!This is the reason why Emperor Wudi of Han dynasty and Emperor Taizu of Ming Dynasty were so successful.The biggest problem was that Emperor Taizong Zhao Kuangyin was trying to keep his younger brother, who was very capable.He appointed his younger brother as the governor of Kaifeng, the highest official in the capital, which in the five Dynasties period, could only be held by the crown prince, that is to say, the crown prince Yin Jing!Zhao Kuangyin gave this position to his younger brother. He disordered the law and brought about his own destruction.He wisely “drink wine to explain the military power”, lifted the situation of self-respect of military forces in various regions since the middle of tang Dynasty, he adopted the strategy of national unification first south after north, difficult before easy, brilliant and grand.But he had made a childish mistake on a matter that most concerned his own safety, and had involved the lives of his two sons!Zhao Kuangyin was born in 927. In 976, he was less than 50 years old, so he died in that year.A martial artist, who had a night of drinking with his brother, died the next day for no reason.Seventeen years as the emperor, a piece of ambition, want to unify the country, to create a permanent foundation.Old age however from beginning to end pester at heir problem, did not start first, woman’s benevolence, others can be different he is the same!Taizong Zhao Guangyi was born in 939, 12 years younger than his elder brother, that is, the year of the accident, he was 38 years old, the age of a very mature mind, the age of a very long-term plan to do things!Zhao Dezhao, the eldest son of Taizu, was born in 951. In 979, which was the third year of his uncle’s reign, he was severely abused by his uncle. The young man was 28 years old and full of blood.The younger zhao Defang, born in 959, was 22 years old in 981. One night, he fell asleep and died.Somehow, it was dead!Thousands of years ago, let a person open the history book still feel cool, so, to abide by the rules of the game, don’t give the bad guys an opportunity!