China’s ambassador to the UN called for improved Security Council sanctions to reduce the negative impact

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Xinhua News Agency United Nations February 7 (Reporter Wang Jiangang)Zhang Jun, China’s Permanent representative to the United Nations, called on the Security Council on Thursday to always handle the issue of sanctions with caution and responsibility and seriously consider how to improve the design and implementation of the sanctions to reduce the negative impact, while urging attention to the serious humanitarian consequences of the sanctions imposed by the Security Council on the DEMOCRATIC People’s Republic of Korea.Zhang jun said at a security Council sanctions open meeting that over the past two decades, the security Council sanctions regime has been expanding, and the negative impact it has caused on people’s livelihood cannot be ignored. It has increasingly disrupted the normal economic and social activities of ordinary people and third countries.He stressed that sanctions were aimed at creating favorable conditions for a political settlement and could not be a substitute for diplomatic efforts.Humanitarian assistance should not be considered a violation of Security Council sanctions.He said member states should faithfully implement security Council sanctions.In particular, we should oppose diplomatic pressure and coercion on any country under the pretext of ensuring the implementation of SECURITY Council resolutions and undermining the sovereignty and security of other countries.Zhang jun said that special arrangements should be made in case of special circumstances or irresistible factors.For example, given the severe COVID-19 situation, the UN Security Council should actively consider suspending or relaxing sanctions so as to mitigate the impact of the epidemic on people’s livelihood.Council sanctions should not be open-ended.He said that the selection of experts for the SECURITY Council sanctions committee should adhere to the highest professional standards, reflect diversity and fair geographical distribution.Emphasis should be placed on increasing the representation of candidates from developing countries.Zhang said that the Security Council set up an informal working group on sanctions from 2000 to 2006, which has done useful work for improving the security Council sanctions.China proposes that the Security Council re-establish a working group on sanctions to comprehensively review the humanitarian and negative impact of security Council sanctions and put forward targeted suggestions for improvement.When it comes to sanctions against The DPRK, Zhang jun said security Council Resolution 2397 has caused serious humanitarian consequences since its adoption.Imports of agricultural machinery and tools, medical equipment, water purification pipes and other humanitarian goods for people’s livelihood have been severely restricted, food is in serious shortage, and medical conditions are backward.Last October, China and Russia jointly proposed a draft resolution on the DPRK at the UN Security Council aimed at eliminating the humanitarian impact of sanctions on people’s livelihood.It is regrettable that individual Council members have chosen to refuse to discuss this draft resolution.China once again calls on relevant members to refrain from evading issues and take part in consultations on the draft resolution in a responsible and positive manner.On unilateral sanctions, Zhang jun stressed that the Security Council should focus more on the harm of unilateral sanctions imposed by individual countries when discussing the improvement of the sanctions.Unilateral sanctions are extremely harmful. However, we are concerned that some countries do not refrain from unilateral sanctions, but abuse them crazily to the point of addiction.Unilateral sanctions violate the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and have no basis in international law. They are a manifestation of hegemonism and power politics.China solemnly urges relevant countries to immediately stop unilateral sanctions and calls on the international community to pay attention to the serious consequences of unilateral sanctions and jointly reject such illegal acts.Source: Xinhua