Zhao Dan: Stimulate potential to show self

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The first round of the women’s skeleton bobsled at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games began at 9:30 on February 11. Zhao Dan, who was born after 2000 and was the flag-bearer for the Chinese delegation at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, made her debut and finished third in 1:02.26.Zhao Dan, who ranked third in the first round, took the lead with a start time of 5.25 seconds and made a perfect cut in the last few corners to finish first with a time of 1:02.26, setting a new track record for women’s steel bobsled.However, the record did not last long, the 11th Canadian Mirella Laneva skated a good time of 1:02.03, 0.23 seconds ahead of Zhao Dan for the first time, and again set a new track record.Australia’s Jaclyn Narracott overtook Zhao in 1:02.05, while Another Chinese li Yuxi was 14th.In the second run, Zhao Dan improved on the start, clocking 5.22 seconds.She was out of position in the second corner, which affected her speed in the next few corners.Fortunately, turns 13 to 16 were familiar routes for Zhao Dan, who finished the race in 1:02.40, with a total of 2:04.66, ranking fourth.After the race, Zhao Dan said that his first two slides were good, but some details needed to be improved in the starting distance, the Angle of entry and before entering turn 1.”The Winter Olympics, for me, is very stressful, very intense.It was only after turn 11 of the first round that it was completely released.I had a lot of body adjustment on the track today and that also caused me to go into the back corner at the wrong Angle and lose some speed.”Zhao Dan admitted that she did not feel very good after the first roller skate. When she looked at the result, she could not believe that she was the third.Fourth after the two rounds, I have the bottom of my mind, I believe there is room for progress in the last two rounds.Zhao Dan, 19, is the youngest competitor in China’s steel frame snow team, but she has become a “great general” on the track.In 2020, Zhao Dan participated in the Olympic Winter Games on behalf of China and won the 7th place.In 2021-22, she won the Intercontinental Cup in Innsbruck.Zhao Dan and teammate Li Yuxi competed for China in this Winter Olympic Games. It was the first time for Chinese women to participate in the Winter Olympic Games, realizing China’s breakthrough in this event.Zhao Dan has attracted much attention since she was chosen as the flag-bearer of the Chinese delegation.She said in a social media post on Jan. 30 that it would “bring out the great potential inside of me to be the best I can be on the court.”When asked about the role of flag-bearer for the Chinese delegation in her competition, Zhao Dan said that flag-bearer is just a status that can let more people know and pay attention to the sport of skeleton bobsled in advance. “I am very excited and honored to be the flag-bearer, but I am thinking more about the competition and preparation for the competition.”According to the schedule, the last two rounds of women’s skeleton bobsled will be staged in the evening of December 12 in the “Snow Dragon”.(Wang Dong, reporter of our Newspaper)