There are a large number of “broken parents” in the post-2000 generation. Children can not be blamed for their indifference. They are more able to see the reality

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Does your child like to visit relatives?Introduction The old saying is true: uncle and uncle, generation and generation.Visiting relatives is a traditional custom in Our country, but also in the maintenance of affection between the behavior, especially in the festival, the family gets together, very lively and happy.However, with the change of The Times, relatives are becoming less and less, especially in the eyes of the 00 generation, that relatives are not necessary, there is time to go relatives is better to go out to play with friends, what is it?Before the emergence of a large number of “cut off relatives” after 0100, there are institutions in the street interview, after 80, 90, 00 for a certain understanding.The behavior of the post-80s generation is relatively normal: most of them said they would visit relatives, as it is a custom after all, rather than protect the feelings of relatives.The performance of post-90s is selective: most post-90s will visit relatives, but this relative is also under the premise of selectivity, good relationship will go, bad relationship will let their parents go.The attitude of the 00 generation is more indifferent: most of the 00 generation think that going to relatives is just a form, do not want to go to relatives’ home is not to ask is to ask which, with them nothing to do with things also want to ask east and west, especially annoying, have to go to relatives’ time to play games at home or go out with friends.It can be seen that a large number of the post-00s have cut off their relatives. Except for grandparents, the rest of their relatives don’t want to walk around.02 can’t blame indifference after 00, but they can see more reality to 00 after practice, it is to let parents don’t understand, parents think their relatives had so few, if not contact for a long time, it is easy to neglect, the future child doesn’t even have a relative, there is a problem I don’t know to find who help, so parents would blame the child cold, do not understand the world.But in fact, this is not to blame the post-00s, in fact, they want more clear, more realistic than their parents.00 after don’t want to go with “snob” relatives too close watching open two tyres, three one-child policy, but most of the 00 is an only child, and after they had very little brothers and sisters, and like the family more remote still be a distant relative, hardly a greeting at ordinary times, as long as the call in other time will be concerned about.In the eyes of parents, it may be a good time to contact relatives, but in the eyes of the post-00s generation, they are just asking for themselves, and when they find each other in the future, they may turn against them. In the face of such “snobbish” relatives, it is better not to get too close, and they do not have as much help as friends.Millennials don’t want to get too close to “Keeping up with the Joneses” Relatives Some relatives aren’t really being nice to you, but are using you to highlight how great their children are.So after meeting will ask you various grades or issues such as wages, if you answer no to their children, so will be looked down upon, if your answer is better than the other children, so would be questioned, and all kinds of inquiries and questions, therefore, in the face of such want to relatives of “comparison”, it is better to have no.In the concept of the post-00s, they always believe that a distant relative is better than a close neighbor, that a friend can help them, but a relative may not be able to help them, and that they can open their mouth to friends may not be able to open their mouth to relatives, so in the eyes of the post-00s, they don’t want to have too much contact with relatives they don’t contact.They even think it’s better to spend more time with friends.Now 00 after the idea and we have essential difference, in the face of the emergence of a large number of “broken kin” state.Parents should not blame their children, it is just caused by the general trend. If you want to change their children’s attitude, you should take their children to visit relatives as much as possible, take their children to walk with relatives more.Close the distance, especially like aunt, uncle this kind of relatives who are easy to see, have time to contact more.